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medterm review

test review

what is calcaneum? heal bone
what are dactals? fingers or toes
myel/o bone marrow
kyph/o humpback
ankel/o stiffness
fibr/o fiber
-syn union
-porosis porous
E.M.G electromyography
what is sublaxation? partial or incomplete dislocation
O.R.I.F. open reduction internal fracture
what is claudication? lameness, limping
A.K. above the knee
what is exacerbation? increase in severity of a disease or any of its symptoms
T.H.A. total hip arthroplasty
what is a prothesis? replacement by an artificial part
what does a sprain involve? a ligament
what does a strain involve? a muscle
C1 cervical vertebrae
D.J.D. degenerative joint disease
ischi/o ishium lower part of the hip bone
metacarp/o hand bone
phalang/o bones of the fingers or toes
spondyl/o verterbrae
C.A. calcium
-dys painful/bad
-desis binding of a bone or joint
-clasia surgical fracture
-physis growth
-blast embryonic cell
hypotonia loss of muscular tone
D.E.X.A. dual energy x-ray absorptiometry
B.E. barium enema
I.V. intravenous
R.O.M. range of motion
M.S. musculoskeletal
I.M. intramuscular
M.G. myathenia gravis
M.R.I. magnetic resonance imaging
T.R.A.M. transverse rectus abdominis muscle
T.K.R. total knee replacement
Fx fracture
oste/o bone
lamin/o lamina
rhabd/o rod shaped
lord/o curve
cephl/o head
-malacia softening
anklyosis results in immobility and stiffness of a joint from the result of trauma, surgery, or a disease
spondylosis degeneration of verterbrae
sequestrum seperation of dead bone
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