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The Crusades


Crusades A series of wars carried out by European Christians to gain control of the Holy Land from their Muslim rulers
Holy Land Region that included Jerusalem and the area around it, considered holy by Jews, Christians, and Muslims
Pope Urban II Roman Catholic pope from 1088 to 1099, he called on Christians to launch the first Crusade
Saladin Muslim sultan hero, he campaigned to drive the Christians from the Holy Land. He stopped an army of crusaders under Richard the Lion-Hearted of England
Richard the Lion-Hearted King of England from 1189 to 1199, he fought in the Holy Land against Saladin during the third Crusade. He eventually ceased fighting and returned to England
Hanseatic League An organization of north-German cities and tons that organized and controlled trade throughout northern Europe from the 1200's through the 1400's
Credit An arrangement by which a purchaser borrows money from a bank or other lender and agrees to pay it back over time
Guilds Associations of people who worked the same craft or trade during the Middle Ages
Apprentice A person who learns a skill under a master of the trade
Journeyman A skilled worker who was paid wages by the master or a guild
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