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World Studies Unit 3

Impact of Economics in Ancient and Modern China

Which principle of economics states that you can't always get what you want. You have to make a decision. Principle 2
Which principle of economics states that economics relies on all people. Interdependence is important. Principle 3
Which principle of economics states that supply and demand set price in a market economy. Principle 4
Which principle of economics states that economic systems organize how people live and work together. Principle 5
Your parents are taking you out for dinner for your birthday. Which principle of economics will you use to choose between Chipotle and Chick-fil-a? Principle 2
During the spring and summer seasons, beach towels cost an average of $10.00. After the summer season has almost ended, they are usually reduced to around $5.00. Which principle is displayed in this scenario? Principle 4
To make a t-shirt, Planet Money needed to have at least 4 different countries to help grow the cotton, stretch and make the fabric, and then sew the t-shirt. This demonstrates which principle of economics? Principle 3
Market economy gives the people freedom to make economic choices. A command economy has a central authority to make economic decisions for the people. This demonstrates which economic principle. Principle 5
Market or command: The CD and DVD industry have declined with a growth in the streaming and online downloading. Companies like Netflix are causing some DVD manufacturers to lose money. Market
Market or command: There are three types of peanut butter available in the grocery store that all come from a government owned company. Command
Market or mixed: The Occupational Safety and Health Administration put regulations on companies to create a healthy and safe working environment for all of its employees. Mixed
Confucianism, Daoism, or Legalism: The state helps the poor by providing food and shelter. Daoism
Confucianism, Daoism, or Legalism: A ruler is like a father-figure. They are to set a good example for the people. Confucianism
Confucianism, Daoism, or Legalism: People need strict laws and harsh punishments in order to follow the right path. Legalism
Confucianism, Daoism, or Legalism: There is a balance in nature. The Ying and the Yang harmonize and create a peaceful life. Daoism
Confucianism, Daoism, or Legalism: Favors the law over religious or moral codes. Legalism
Confucianism, Daoism, or Legalism: There should be an emphasis on family and community support. Confucianism
Which stage of the dynastic cycle does this fit under: The Great Wall of China was repaired during the Tang dynasty to help keep barbarian invaders from taking over northern cities. Period of prosperity
Which stage of the dynastic cycle does this fit under: The Song dynasty imposed large taxes to help pay off northern invaders from conquering China. Period of decline
Which stage of the dynastic cycle does this fit under: The Shang rulers became corrupt and unjust and were easily overthrown by the Zhou clan from the west. Period of rebellion
Which stage of the dynastic cycle does this fit under: The Shang let the local rulers stay in power and tried to keep China the same when they took over the kingdom. Founding a new dynasty
Which dynasty was more interested in pleasing the higher power of Di and left the local leaders to rule for themselves? This led to very little economic growth and more competition between the local clans. Shang dynasty
Which dynasty were fierce warriors and led a great economic expansion under their time in power? The political leaders created a money-based economy, allowed great thinkers to flourish, and allowed the very wealthy to live comfortable lives. Zhou dynasty
Which dynasty used legalist thought to keep a strict control of their people? They used their strong government to start the Great Wall of China and the Grand Canal but stifled many great thinkers and ignored the needs of the poor. Qin dynasty
Which dynasty relied on government administrators to rule and allowed all those with talent to hold a public office? They also established trade routes through the Silk Road and increased wealth through trade with other kingdoms. Han dynasty
Which dynasty repaired the Great Wall and used agricultural surplus to provide stability to their people? The Grand Canal was also completed so that water trade could reach many larger cities. Tang dynasty
Which dynasty appointed government leaders through the civil service examination? With highly qualified people in government, many new inventions made the economic system prosper. Song dynasty
Which dynasty established an authoritarian government that included a secret police called the Jinyiwei? Trading continued to spread and western ideas began to influence Chinese thinkers. Ming dynasty
Which dynasty created a strong economic system to repair roads and canals along with building a strong military presence? Western countries like Europeans and Americans wanted more trading rights along with political influence. Qing dynasty
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