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DzendzIslamic Empire

Islamic Empire VA/SOL

Muslim A person who practices Islam
Islam Monotheistic Religion; 2nd largest in the world; follow the prophet Muhammad and the 5 Pillars
Muhammad Prophet who received the message of Islam from God and created a new religion
Allah The name of God in Islam and Arabic
Arabic Language of the Islamic Empire; used to standardize people and places and to conduct trade
Prophet A person who received a message from God and tells the people
5 Pillars The foundation on which Islam creates its rules to live by; includes faith, prayer, charity, fasting, and pilgrimage
Quran/Koran The holy book of Islam; the words of Allah as spoken through Muhammad
Abu Bakr First Caliph of the Muslim Empire
Mecca The holy site of Islam; location of the Kabaa
Kabaa The holy site in Mecca which holds a sacred stone from Abraham which was sent by Allah
Medina The location where the first Muslims practiced
The Hegira The journey from Mecca to Medina which signified the beginning of the Islamic religion
The Hajj The journey or pilgrimage a Muslim must make once in their lifetime as Muhammad did, to Mecca and the Kabaa
Bedouin Nomadic tribes living in the Arabian Deserts who formed the first Muslims
Mineret Tower structure on a mosque which would point the way to Mecca and hold the muezzin
Muezzin holy person who calls out the prayers at a mosque
Caliph Deputies or leaders of Islam after Muhammad
Umayyad 1st Ruling tribe or dynasty of the Islamic Empire
Abbasid 2nd ruling tribe or dynasty of the Islamic Empire
Baghdad Trading capital of Islam; begins Golden Age when it moves here
Battle of Tours When Muslim forces are stopped from advancing into Europe
Sunni Muslim sect who believe the leaders of Islam can be elected from the community
Umma the idea of community in Islam
Ramadan The month long period of fasting to absolve or get rid of your sins; pillar of Islam
Dome of the Rock Mosque and Jewish Temple in Jerusalem where Muhammad ascended into heaven
Shiite Muslim sect who believe the leader of Islam should be a descendant of Muhammad's family
622 CE First Muslims are named and the Hegira begins
661 CE Sunni-Shiite Split in Islam
732 CE The Battle of Tours
Al Zahrawi Created an encyclopedia of medicine and invents new surgeries
Zero Mathematical idea that nothingness exists because Allah comes from nothing and creates things - like numbers
Al Jabr Creator of Algebra
Al Jazari Creator of the Crank which allows people to lift heavy objects
Arabesque Tile structures and art which are geometric and symmetrical
Astrolabe Device used to navigate around the world by charting the stars
Created by: nadzendz