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Must Know Dates

Unit 5

C 1750 industrial revolution
1754-1763 7 years war
1776 Wealth of Nations
1775-1783 American Revolution
1789-1799 French Revolution
1791-1804 Haitian Revolution
1811-1825 Latin American Revolutions
1815 Congress of Vienna
1823 Monroe Doctrine
`1808 trans-atlantic slave trade abolished
1833 Slavery abolished in British Empire
1842 Treaty of Nanjing
1853 Treaty of Kanagawa and Matthew Perry arrives
1848 Communist Manifesto (all revolutions had failed)
1855 Bessemer steel process and 2nd industrial revolution
1857 Sepoy rebellion, India becomes a colony of Britian
1861 Serfdom abolished in Russia
1865 Slavery abolished in U.S.
1867 Menji restoration and start of Menji reforms
1871 Unification of Germany and Italy
1885 Indian National Congress Meets Scramble for Africa
1900 Boxer Rebellion
1904-1905 Russo-Japanese war
Created by: SLong01