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Chapter 20

Study materials for Chapter 20 in world history

What Chinese leader helped overthrow the Mongol dynasty and served as the first emperor of the Ming dynasty? Ming Hong Wu
What military strategist conquered central Japan to unite the country and end years of feudal warfare? Oda Nobunaga
What Japanese artist created more than 8,000 wood block paintings in his career? Hiroshige
What years were the Tokugawa Shogunate in power in Japan? 1603-1867
When did the Qing dynasty rule in China? 1644-1911
A Chinese admiral, diplomat, and explorer who made 7 voyages throughout the Indian Ocean in the early 15th century Zheng He
What Ming dynasty ruler is credited with building the Imperial City? Yong Li
A ceramic material made of clay and baked at high temperatures Porcelain
The 250 areas into which Japan was divided under the Tokugawa shogunate Hans
Japan's outcast class whose life was strictly monitored by the shogun Eta
What did the shogun utilize to force the families of the daimyo to stay in the capital when the lord was not there? Hostage system
The heads of noble families in Japan who controlled large amounts of land Daimyo
A braided pigtail traditionally worn by Chinese men Queue
What was the last ruling dynasty in China? Qing
Where was the Imperial City located? Beijing
What unit was Chinese society based on? Family
Capital city of Japan during the Tokugawa shogun Edo
Which European country arrived in China in 1514 but were later kicked out of China? Portugal
Which country did Kangxi help establish a trade relationship with? Russia
During the Qing dynasty, which European country had an unfavorable balance of trade with China and desired China's silk? Great Britain
Who overthrew the Ming dynasty to establish the Qing dynasty? Manchus
Who did the Ming dynasty overthrow to gain control of China? Mongols
A group of related familes Clan
Which Chinese belief system also influenced life in Japan? Confucianism
When did the Ming dynasty rule in China? 1368-1644
Qing dynasty ruler who played an important role in establishing trade with Russia Kangxi
He is widely considered to be Japan's greatest poet Matsuo Basho
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