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chapter 23, 24,25

Lecture Notes week 1

What is another name for vital signs? Cardinal Signs
What does vitals signs include? Pulse, Resperation, Tempature, Blood Presure
What are the different combination of processes of body heat loss? Convection, Conduction, Radiation, Evaporation, Elimination.
What is Covection? heat loss through the skin
What is Conduction Transfer of heat from within the body to the surface of the skin
Radiation body heat loss from surface of skin to cooler environment
Evaporation heat loss through perspiration
Elimination heat loss through, intestinal, urinary, and respiratory tracts
what is afebril? without fever
Fevrile having fever
Pyrexia having fever
Lysis return to normal
Onset begining
Continuous to continue
What are the six types of thermometer used in an ambulatory setting? disposable, digital, electronic, tympanic, glass Galinstan, temporal artery
How do you convert F to C subtract 32 from F, then mulitply by 5/9
How do you convert C to F multiply C by 5/9 then add 32
What are the three characteristics of a pulse? rate, rhythm and volume
Pulse used for vital signs? radial
Pulse used in CPR Carotid
Pulse used for blood pressure Brachial
Pulse used for infants Apical
What does Arrhythmia abnormal rhythms
what does bradycardia mean slow heart rate
what does tachycardia mean fast heart rate
What are the three characteristics of respiration rate, rhythm, and depth
What is normal respiration? 12 to 20
What does Tachypnea mean rapid respiration more than 40
what does brady pnea mean slow breathing
what does orthopnea mean difficulaty breathing upright
what does dyspnea mean labor breathing
what does stridor mean crowing sound with breathing
what does rhonchi mean sound like snoring with breathing
what does hyperpnea mean fast breathing
what does rales mean a rattleing sound with breathing
what are the two readings of blood pressure? systolic:force exertied on arterial walls and Diastolic heart at rest
what are the 5 phases to blood pressure? I first sound heard when deflating the cuff II soft swishing sound as more blood passes through vessel III. tapping sound as more blood passes through vessel IV a muffling and fading of tapping as blood passes easily through vessel V all sounds disappear
What are the two types of cuffs? Digital and Aneroid
What are the eight characteristics of a chief complaint? Location, radiation, Quality, Severity, Associated symptoms, aggravating factor, alleviating factors, and setting and timing
What color is the skin if it's pallor lack of color or paleness
What color is the skin if it's cyanosis blue or gray
What color is the skin if it's jaundice yellowing
what color is the skin if it's vitilgo white patches
Created by: Seanmorrone