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Ancient Rome

Early Rome

Latins A group of settlers from central Europe that became the earliest inhabitants of Italy
legend a story that has been passed down for generations
Romulus and Remus twin brothers supposedly founded Rome, according to one legend
Etruscans advanced civilization from northern Italy that conquered Rome
patrician ruling class made up of wealthy landowners and nobles
plebians common people such as farmers, traders, and craftsmen
monarchy governmental rule of a king
republic a government ruled by laws and representatives chosen by the people
consul elected in place of a king, and whose duty was to manage government, army, and serve as judges.
Senate most powerful political branch, made of 300 members of patricians
Assenbly of Centuries group made of patricians, that voted on laws, declared war, and elected consuls.
Tribal Assembly group of plebeians who elected tribunes to protect the rights & interests of the common people
tribune One of ten elected leaders of the Tribal Assembly
Law of the Twelve Tables laws written down in 450 BC that became the foundation of Roman civil law.
Roman Forum a public meeting place
veto "I forbid"
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