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Unit 6

New Ideas: the Renaissance and Scientific Revolution

Renaissance a great flowering of culture, based on classical Greek and Roman ideas and art, that began in Italy in the Late Middle Ages and spread throughout Europe
classical art influenced by the styles and techniques of ancient Greece and Rome
currency the form of money used in a country
city-state an independent state consisting of a city and its surrounding territory
republic a form of government in which citizens elect representatives to rule for them
humanism a philosophy that tries to balance religious faith with an emphasis on individual dignity and an interest in nature and human society
humanities collectively, areas of study that focus on human life and culture, such as history, literature, and ethics
individualism the belief in the importance of an individual’s achievements and dignity
Florence an Italian city-state and leading cultural center during the Renaissance
perspective Technique/advancement in painting; The smaller a painted object, the farther away it appears to be. The larger an object, the closer it appears to be.
proportions Technique/advancement in art; the relationship between amounts, numbers, or sizes
secular relating to earthly life rather than to religious or spiritual matters
Scientific Revolution a major shift in thinking between 1500 and 1700, in which modern science emerged as a new way of gaining knowledge about the natural world
rationalism a belief in reason and logic as the primary paths to knowledge
geocentric theory [The Medieval View] a theory that Earth is the center of the solar system or the universe. Geo is Greek for "earth. "
heliocentric theory [The New View] a theory that places the sun at the center of the solar system with the planets, including Earth, revolving around it. Helio is Greek for "sun."
scientific method a step-by-step method of investigation involving observation and theory to test scientific assumptions
gravity the force of attraction between all masses in the universe
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