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Global Trade

Focuses on trade routes thriving between 500 CE-1500 CE

Axum Christian kingdom in Northeast Africa.
West Africa (Ghana, Mali, Songhai) Muslim kingdoms located near the Niger River.
Silk Roads Connected China to the Mediterranean Basin.
Trans-Saharan trade routes Ran across North Africa and connected West Africa to Europe and Asia.
Baltic to Black Sea trade route Located in Northern Europe.
Islam Zimbabwe and West Africa learned this religion from Muslim merchants.
Trade goods from China Paper, paper money, compass, printing technology.
Buddhism Began in India, spread to China and then beyond.
Religions in Japan Buddhism and Shinto.
Trade goods from West Africa Gold and salt.
Trade goods from India Spices, textiles, lateen sail.
Great Zimbabwe Prosperous trading city in the kingdom of Zimbabwe.
Timbuktu West African city that was a center of trade and learning.
Created by: Jamesp313