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japan Q+A

Alyssa cervantes s.s period 4

1. By what was Japanese cultured influenced by? It was influenced by its proximity or closeness in space.
2. Towards where do they look on the west? They look towards japan.
3. What is the name of the main island? It's name is Honshu.
4. How tall is mount Fuji? It is 12,00 feet above sea level.
5. What kind of seafood do Japanese eat? Japanese east fish, shellfish, and seaweed.
6. Where do japanese island sit at? they're between two boundary platesor sections of earths outer shell.
7. What would erupted volcanoes form? It would form an underwater mountain range.
8. What is underneath japan that is constantly pushing against one another? They are plates.
9.What is a ring of fire? A region of volcanoes and earthquakes that circle the Pacific Ocean.
10.How many miles is japan and Korea separated? They are separated 200 miles.
11.Who were the first settlers? they are from the mainland of asia.
12.From what wave were they from? They most likely came from the ice age.
13.What group of settlers arrived in 300 b.c? It was a group from asia.
14. What did the japanese do around a.d 500? they began to borrow the chinese system.
15. What language do the Japanese speak? They use the Chinese language .
16.In what did the priest arrived to Japan? He arrived in A.D 522.
17. What became important to Japanese culture? Buddhism became important to Japanese culture.
Created by: alyssac5