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NT World Midterm

Roman Emperors Augustus 27 BCE - 14 CE Tiberius 14-37 CE Caligula 47-41 CE Claudius 41-54 CE Nero 54-68 CE Galba 68-69 CE (Jun - Jan) Otho 69 CE (Jun - Apr) Vitellius 69 CE (Apr - Dec) Vespasian 69-79 CE Titus 79-81 CE Domitian 81-96 CE Nerva 96-98 CE Trajan
Two Emperors Named in NT Augustus (Luke 2:1) Tiberius (Luke 3:1)
3 Categories of Religion (Aristotelian Mean) Atheotes - Atheism - Too little religion Deisidaimonia-superstitio - Superstition - Too much religion Eusebeia-pietas - Piety - Right amount of religion
Three types of Associations in Roman World 1. Ethnic/geographic (e.g. Synagogues) 2. Occupational (e.g. Silversmiths in Acts 19:24ff) 3. Cultic/Temple (e.g. Imperial Cult sebastoi)
4 Cardinal Virtues Courage (andreia) Wisdom (Sophia) Prudence (sophrosyne) Justice (dikaiosyne)
3 Classes of Free Roman Citizens Patricians/Senatorials - wealthiest Equites - businessmen and descendants of military officers Plebians - the poor
4 Ways to Obtain Citizenship Birth to citizen parents Manumission of slavery by a Roman citizen Special gift from Emperor Honorable discharge from military
3 Rights of Roman Citizens Voting (had to be in Rome to exercise) Freedom from degrading forms of punishment Right to appeal provincial sentences to Rome
2 Roman Military Units Legio Auxilia
4 Types of Roman Coins Gold (aureas) Sliver (denarius) Brass (sestertius) Copper (as)
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