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white mod


albumino albumin
amnio amnion
balano glans penis
cervico neck; cervix uteri
colpo vagina
corpo body
corporo body
crytpo hidden
cysto bladder
epididymo epididymis
episio vulva
galacto milk
geno forming,producing,origin
glomerulo glomerulus
gyno woman; female
gyneco woman; female
hystero uterus
kali potassium
kerno kernal (nucleus)
keto ketone bodies
ketono ketone bodies
lacto milk
laparo abdomen
litho stone; calculus
mammo breast
masto breast
meato opening; meatus
meno menses; menstruation
metro uterus; measure
metrio uterus
nephro kidney
nocto night
obstretro midwife
oligo scanty
oophoro ovary
orcho testis
orchio testis
orchido testis
ovario ovary
peritoneo peritoneum
phimo muzzle
prostato prostate gland
pyo pus
pyelo renal pelvis
reno kidney
salpingo tube
schizo split
spermi spermatozoa; sperm cells
spermo spermatozoa; sperm cells
spermato spermatozoa; sperm cells
testo testis
uro urine; urinary tract
uretero ureter
vagino vagina
vaso vessel; duct
vesico bladder
vesiculo seminal vesicle
vulvo vulva
-al pertaining to
-algia pain
-arche beginning
-ary pertaining to
-cele hernia, swelling
-centesis surgical puncture
-cyesis pregnancy
-ectomy excision, removal
-gen forming, producing, origin
-genesis forming, producing, origin
-gram record, writing
-gravida pregnant woman
-ia condition
-iasis abnormal condition
-ic pertaining to
-ism condition
-itis inflammation
-logist specialist in the study of
-megaly enlargement
-osis abnormal condition
-para to bear
-pathy disease
-plasty surgical repair
-rrhaphy suture
-rrhea discharge, flow
-salpinx tube
-scope instrument for examining
-scopy visual examination
-tocia childbirth, labor
-tomy incision
-tripsy crushing
-uria urine
-version turning
a-, an- without, not
ante- before, infront of
contra- against, opposite
dys- bad, painful, difficult
endo- in, within
hypo- under, below, deficient
multi- many, much
poly- many, much
primi- first
pseudo- false
retro- backward, behind
Created by: lauravan