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DLS Reli 2 Midterm

DLS Religion 2 Midterm exam review

Disciples Name given to people who followed Jesus when he was , dead, alive and formed the church. Also contemporary name for followers of the church.
Apostles title given to those chosen by Jesus to preach the gospel and guide the early church.
Covenants a solemn agreement made between humans or between God & a human involving mutual agreements.
Trinity Father, Son, & Holy Spirit.
Messianic Secret Jesus instructs disciples & apostles to keep his identity as messiah secret.
Messiah One who God sent to inaugurate his kingdom,Jesus.
Deposit of Faith The heritage of faith contained in sacred scripture/tradition handed down through the church by the magistarium
Deposit of Faith - Sacred Scripture The inspired word of God
Deposit of Faith - Sacred Tradition Living Transmission of the message of the Gospel in Church.
Deposit of Faith - Magisterium The living teaching office of the church who gives authentic interpretation of the word of God.
Hope Something one wants and is working for.
Wish something one wants and isn’t working for.
Church/Ecumenical Council a gathering of all the bishops in the world to exercise their authority.
Generosity Giving more than one has to.
Fairness everything is equal for everyone.
Justice Everything is distributed as needed.
Sacrifice a ritual offering made to God by a priest on the behalf of the people.
Original Holiness The grace of original holiness was to share in divine life.
Original Justice Inner harmony between people and things.
Original Sin the personal sin of disobedience by the first humans
Concupiscence What makes sin tempting
List Paschal Mystery Palm Sunday, Wednesday of Holy Week, Holy Thursday, Good Friday, Easter Sunday.
Paschal Mystery Christ's work of redemption accomplished by his passion, death, and resurrection.
Paschal Mystery - Palm Sunday Jesus enters Jerusalem, palms are placed under him.
Paschal Mystery - Wednesday of Holy Week Judas agrees to betray Jesus.
Paschal Mystery - Holy Thursday Jesus is arrested, Lords Prayer. Last Supper and Institution of the Eucharist.
Paschal Mystery - Good Friday Jesus is tried and sentenced to death.
Paschal Mystery - Easter Sunday Jesus is resurrected.
Sin An offense against God as well as reason, truth & right conscience.
Jesus as New Adam Jesus is the first of his kind
Mary as New Eve Mary is the first of her kind.
Incarnation Life
Immaculate Conception Mary was conceived without sin.
Annunciation When God told Mary she’d be Jesus mother.
Ascension The entry of Jesus’s humanity into divine glory to be at the right hand of his father forty days after Easter.
Assumption Mary went straight to heaven.
Resurrection The triumph of Jesus over death
Pentecost When God revealed himself to the disciples; a Jewish holiday.
List Types of Love Agape, Eros, Philios, Kenosis.
Types of Love - Agape Love for all people, hoping for a better just world.
Types of Love - Eros “Romantic Love” spouse, sexual love.
Types of Love - Philios Familial Love
Types of Love - Kenosis Self Sacrificial love, put others needs ahead of ones own.
List Virtues Cardinal Prudence, Justice, Temperance, Fortitude.
List Virtues Theological Faith, Hope, & Love.
Virtues - Cardinal - Prudence Careful & cautious
Virtues - Cardinal - Justice Ability to be just
Virtues - Cardinal - Temperance not get mad easy
Virtues - Cardinal - Fortitude Courage
Virtues - Theological - Faith Strong belief in God
Virtues - Theological - Hope Working for what one wants
Virtues - Theological - Charity/love Giving Kenosis.
Vices - Greed Wanting more than you have.
Vices - Gluttony Eating a lot
Vices - Wrath Getting mad
Vices - Envy when someone has something you don’t have and you want it really bad.
Vices - Lust desire for sex.
Vices - Pride Thinking highly of oneself
Vices - Sloth Laziness.
List Vices Greed, Gluttony, Wrath, Envy, Lust, Pride, Sloth
Dogma Essential religious truth.
List Particular Judgement Heaven, Hell, Purgatory
List 3 Events that shaped the early Church’s development Spread of religion, fall of temple, delay of Parosia
List Marks of Church One, holy, catholic, apostolic
List 5 parts of a miracle story Problem, Ask Jesus with faith, He responds, The action happens, People respond.
List Jesus’ Baptism Presence of the Trinity, John the Baptist, Jordan River
List Attributes of Grace Actual Grace, Sanctifying Grace
Temptation Anything that makes us want to sin.
List Parables Parable of the Good Samaritan, Prodigal Son/Forgiving Father, Laborers in the Vineyard.
Blasphemy spreading false news about Jesus.
List Gifts of the Holy Spirit Fortitude, Understanding, Counsel, Knowledge, Wisdom, Awe & Wonder, Piety.
List Jerusalem Conference AD 50, What do we do with the Jewish history & customs, Paul & Barnabas vs. James & Peter, Decisions
Created by: ka1usg
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