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Chapter 31

Years of Crisis

Coalition Government A government controlled by a temporary alliance of several political parties
Weimar Republic The republic that was established in Germany in 1919 and ended in 1933
Great Depression The severe economic slump that followed the collapse of the US stock market in 1929
Fascism A political movement that promotes an extreme form of nationalism, a denial of individual rights, and a dictatorial one-party rule
Benito Musolini Italian politician that promised to revive Italy by restoring the economy and rebuilding the army. He founded the Fascist Party in Italy in 1919. He was able to take control of Italy after gaining popular support
Adolf Hitler German dictator and leader of the Nazi Party. Won popular support due to his promise to restore Germany to glory
Nazism The fascist policies of the National Socialist German Workers' party, based on totalitarianism, a belief in racial superiority, and state control of industry
Mein Kampf "My Struggle"- a book written by Adolf Hitler during his imprisonment in 1923-1924, in which he set forth his beliefs and his goals for Germany
Lebensraum "Living Space"-the additional territory that, according to Adolf Hitler, Germany needed because it was overcrowded
Appeasment The making of concessions to an aggressor in order to avoid war
Axis Powers In WWII, the nations of Germany, Italy, and Japan, which had formed an alliance in 1936
Isolationism A policy of avoiding political or military involvement with other countries
Third Reich The Third German Empire, established by Adolf Hitler in the 1930s
Munich Conference A 1938 meeting of representatives from Britain, France, Italy, and Germany, at which Britain and France agreed to allow Nazi Germany to annex part of Czechoslovakia in return for Adolf Hitler's pledge to respect Czechoslovakia's new borders
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