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Chapter 28

Transformations Around the Globe

Opium War A conflict between Britain and China, lasting from 1839-1842, over Britain's opium trade in China
Extraterritorial Rights An exemption of foreign residents from the laws of a country
Taiping Rebellion A mid-19th century rebellion against the Qing Dynasty in China, led by Hong Xiuquan
Sphere of Influence A foreign region in which a nation has control over trade and other economic activities
Open Door Policy A policy, proposed by the United States in 1899, under which all nations would have equal opportunities to trade in China
Boxer Rebellion A 1900 revolt in China, aimed at ending foreign influence in the country
Treaty of Kanagawa An 1854 agreement between the US and Japan, which opened two Japanese ports to US ships and allowed the US to set up and embassy in Japan
Meiji Era The period of Japanese history from 1867-1912, during which the country was ruled by Emperor Mutshito
Russo-Japanese War A 1904-1905 conflict between Russia and Japan, sparked by the countries' efforts to dominate Manchuria and Korea
Annexation The adding of a region to the territory of an existing political unit
Antonio López de Santa Anna Mexican politician that played a leading role in Mexico's fight with Spain for independence. He became Mexico's president in 1833,
Benito Juárez Liberal reformer that led Mexico's La Reforma movement
La Reforma A liberal reform movement in 19th-century Mexico, led by Benito Juárez
Porfilio Díaz Military leader that took control of Mexico's government by force. He gave land, power, or political favors to all that supported him, and terrorized those that didn't
Francisco Madero Mexican politician that pushed for democracy in Mexico
"Pancho"Villa Northern Mexican revolutionary that served as a Robin Hood figure to the Mexican people
Emiliano Zapata Southern Mexican revolutionary that wanted to redistribute land to poor farmers
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