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WWII: quiz

information on world war two

the countries of ______________began the war italy japan germany (Axis Powers)
turning point in war 1942
new weapons radarsonaratomic bombaircraft carrierbazookaflamethrower
Der Fuhrer Adolf Hitler
allied plan to win the war in the pacific was called island hopping
supreme allied commander in europe and africa dwight d. eienshower
Il Duce Benito Mussolini
date of the "day of infamy" was december 7, 1941
us president that made the decision to bomb the cities of hiroshima and nagasaki harry truman
they bombed these cities because they were industrial cities
the immediat cause of WWII was invasion of Poland
Direct Causes of WWII nationalismmilitarismrise of dictatorsinternational lawlessness
Fascist party was found in the countries of ItalyJapan
WWII aka Global War
WWII began in 1939
invasion of _____on june 6, 1944 France
known as _________ D-day
on september 2, 1945, WWII ended and this day was called "___________" VJ-day
lightning warfare or the __________ was a new method of fighting in WWII blitzkrieg
the world peacekeeping organization created after WWII was the United Nations
Headquarters of the United Nations is in New York City
the supreme allied commander in the pacific douglas macauthur
5 permanent members of the security council are USGreat BritainFranceRussiaPeoples' Republic of China
Created by: JessicaLeAne