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MOT 136

Ch 26 Test Review

What actions do viruses take when they enter the cells? They incorporate into the cells DNA and multiply
Which is the only situation that recapping a needle is considered an appropriate procedure? After withdrawing medication from the vial
Not considered a major area that’s covered by a medical facility exposure control plan required by OSHA? Specific steps for providing effective patient treatment.
What is OSHA for Your safety
2 important factors for performing an effective hand wash? Friction and running water
The process used to wash and remove blood and tissue from medical instruments is called? Sanitization
The most important step in achieving hand asepsis is: Removing jewelry and hand washing
The method that completely destroys microorganisms Sterilization
Blood specimen is being prepared for lab analysis the container tips over and spills on the lab table? Put paper towel over the spill and pour the 1:10 bleach solution on the towel; Wait 15 minutes and wipe up the spill while you’re wearing gloves; Discard the paper towel in an infectious/hazardous waste container
According to OSHA regulations, under what circumstances is recapping a needle allowed? Recapping an unused needle; After drawing medication from a vial
When should the MA us a mask when taking the patient’s medical history? Active tuberculosis (TB)
What is the recommended method for disposal of needles in a puncture proof container? Keep the needle intact
CDC does not recommend standard precautions for what body fluid? Urine if it does not contain visible blood
Which procedure is appropriate for preparing blood and other potentially infectious material for transport? Leak proof containers
Gloves, gowns, and goggles are considered what? PPE (Personal Protective Equipment)
What is the name for blunt needles, needling systems and re-sheathing syringes? Engineering controls
On the basis of your understanding of the chain of infection, what would be the most effective method for controlling the spread of conjunctivitis in a daycare center? Hand washing
A bacterial spore, what is a spore? A resistant bacterial reproductive cell that can become active and cause disease.
Inflammation mediators, they are released at the site of cellular damage and perform what function? a. They increase blood flow to the site b. They increase permeability of the blood vessel wall.
Cell-mediated immunity, what does it do? The destruction of pathogens at the site of the infection.
Relapse and remission are seen frequently in what type of infection? Latent
Viral infection, how do we treat them? Palliative care, making the patient comfortable
Rosa was assisting with pediatrics immunization when she received and accidental needle-stick, what was the first thing she’s supposed to do? Wash the puncture site
What should not be done when sanitizing an instrument? Wear gloves
What should you do for disinfection to be effective? Place items in a closed container
Relapse is the disappearance of the clinical symptoms of disease? False
True or False: A germicide is an agent that destroys pathogenic microorganisms? True
True or False: An antiseptic is an agent that can be used on the skin to inhibit the growth of microorganisms? True
True or False: Employee must provide their own alternative to latex gloves? False
True or False: Employers must provide employees with Hep B immunizations for free? And must offer them within 10 days. True
True or False: Hands do not have to be washed if the healthcare worker wears gloves? False
A __________ disorder is one in which the body reacts against it’s own tissue? Autoimmune
________ is a skin irruption that results in hives. Urticaria
The _________route of administration is the injection or introduction of substances into the body other than through the digestive tract. Parenteral
A __________ is a foreign substance that results in the production of a specific antibody. Antigen
_________is a yeast like fungus that typically effects the vaginal or oral mucosa. Candidiasis
A _________ agent is a medication that relieves patient symptoms but does not cure disease. Palliative
A ___________ ____________ is an infection that is acquired in a healthcare facility. Nosocomial infection
A_______ is an insect or tick that transmits disease. Vector
Fungal infections are also called __________ infections. Mycotic
_______ infections persist for long periods of time. Chronic
A __________is a contaminated object. Fomite
____________ ______ are surface bacteria that are introduced by contaminated objects by exposure to microorganisms that can be destroyed if managed properly. Transient bacteria
Describe the difference between cell-mediated and hurmoral immunity. a. Humoral immunity creates specific antibodies to combat antigens. b. Cell-mediated immunity attacks the source of the infection at the cellular level.
List four classic symptoms of inflammation. Heat, Erythema, Edema, Pain (HEEP)
Hep B immunizations should be given how? First shot, 2nd shot 4 weeks after the first, 3rd shot 6 months after the first. Have a blood titer drawn after the last shot to determine that you have established the immunity.
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