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Ideas Shared critical nature hostility towards religion and government
Philosophes spread ideas
Salons hosted by the upper class. mostly ran by women
Thomas Hobbes -absolute monarchy -people do not have the right to rebel against government - violence and disorder natural for humans
John Locke - people naturally reasonable and moral - natural rights (life, liberty, property) -influenced Thomas Jefferson
Montesquieu - Influenced us constitution - all branches should have equal power -promoted democracy
Voltaire - mocked church -promoted freedom of speech, religion and press
Denis Diderot - created first encyclopedia - sent to prison
Deism -enlightenment thinkers practiced - Deity created the world and did not interfere with history -belief in abstract and remote deity
Women - stayed at home - equality and freedom were not something for women - Mary Wollstonecraft
Arts - revived greek and roman -
Rousseau social contract
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