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chapter 8-9

1 week

________________is the study of the function of the structures of the human body. physiology
Moving from the body toward the end of a limb is referred to as moving in a----------------direction distal
A disease of condition that has no identifiable cause is referred to as idiopathic
_______ is the medical specialty deals with the ears, nose, and throat otolaryngoloy
The combining form "-----" refers to the front of the body or abdomen. ventr/o
The--------is a vertical plane that divides the body into left and right sections sagittal plane
The abbreviation D.O. stands for Doctor of ------i osteopathic
The pituitary, thyroid, and adrenal glands are all part of the ------ system endocrine
The medical specialty of________includes the lymphatic system and the white blood cells and their ability to recognize and destroy disease-causing organisms and abnormal cells immunology
The combining form"-----" refers to the head cephal/o
The plane that is an imaginary surface dividing the body into left and right sides is the sagittal plane
The opposite of anterior is posterior
The words medial and lateral refer to directions
The wrist is distal to the; elbow
The opposite of superficial is transverse
The regions of the abdominopelvic area include: all above
Which is following is the study of blood? hematology
Which of the following medical specialties refers the study and treatment of cancer? oncology
Auscultation uses a stethoscope
An ambulatory surgical center is a facility where minor procedures are performed
The word that means showing no symptoms is asymptomatic
A ______ is a healthcare professional who performs some of the duties of a physician. physician extenders
_____is when a healthcare professional examines the body by pressing on the body part to feel for masses or enlargement. palpation
Superior refers to a structure that is _____a reference point above
The umbilical region refers to the area around the left lumbar region, right lumbar region
The long bone in the upper arm is the hemerus
The lower jaw bone is the mandible
The combining form"________" means tears lacrim/o
The malleus, incus, and stapes are collectively known as the ossicles
The first cervical vertebra (C) is also known as the atlas
The surface of a bone is covered with a thick, fibrous membrane called the periosteum
A deformity there the knees are rotated toward the midline and the lower legs are bent laterally is called geny valgum
The bony projection of the distal tibia is the medial malleous
The combining form"____" means bent or munpbacked kyph/o
A distal radila fracture caused by falling onto an outstretched arm is referred to as a_____ fractura colles'
The upper arm bone is known as the humerus
A joint or______ is where two bones come together articulation
An_____ is a bone cell that maintains and monitors the mineral content osteocyte
Which of the following is a type of bone francture all above
blood found in a joint cavity is usually from blunt force trauma or a penetrating wound and this condition is known as hemarthrosis
______ is a surgical procedure the uses and arthroscope inserted into a joint to visualize the structures of the joint. arthroscopy
An osteosarcoma is a malignant tumor of the connective tissue
The ossicles are tiney bones that are part of the process of hearing
Osseous tissue is a type of connective tissue
The condition of having a humpback is known as kyphosis
The --------process is found at the posterior tip of the sternum xiphoid
The anatomical name for the shoulder blade is the scapula
Ossification is the process by which ------ is changed into bone cartilage
an osteosarcome is a ------- or cancerous bone tumor malignat bone
Osteomyelitis is an infection of the bone and bone marrow bone marrow
_________is an abnormal, excessive lateral curvature of the spine scoliosis
Gout is -------- disorder in which the uric acid level in the blood is high metabolic
The term hallux as in hallux valgus refers to the great toe
The combination form "---" means coordination tax/o
A fluid-filled sac that decreases friction where a tendon rubs against a bone near a synovial joint is known as -- bursa
The turning of the palm of the hand posterior or downward is referred to as pronation
--------is incoordination of muscles during movement, particularly the gait. ataxia
------- muscles are striated, voluntary muscles that contract and relax in response to conscious thought. skeletan
The abbreviations ROM stands for range of motion
The ---------muscle bends the foot upward toward the leg (dorsiflexion) tibialis anterior
The combining form------means lying on the back supinat/o
The muscle of the shoulder that raises the arm and moves the arm away from the body (abduction) is the deltoid
A --------is a surgical procedure that cuts the fascia and releases pressure from built-up blood and tissue fluid in a patient with compartment syndrome. fasciotomy
A muscle is attached to a bone by tendom
The ------- brachii bends the arm toward the shoulder biceps
The function of the bursa is decrease friction where a tendon rubs against a bone
The combining form-------- means "arm" brachi/o
A muscle is------when it loses bulk caused by lack of use malnutrition atrophic
The term "polymyalgia" has a prefix, combining form, and suffix
Myopathy is a category of ---------disease muscle
When muscle coordination is diminished, especially in the gait, it is called ataxia
the word part "-rrhaphy" is a suffix meaning to "suture"
Which of the following are doctors who diagnose and treat patients with injuries involving bones, muscles, and nerves by manipulating the alignment of the vertebral column chiropractors
The---------of a muscle is there its tendon is attached to a stationary or nearly stationary bone origin
-------muscles are non striated muscles that are also called smooth muscles involantery
An extensor muscle is one that ------ the angle between two bones extention
The junction between a nerve cell and a muscle fiber is called -------juction neuromuscular
Muscle----------is the shortening of a muscle fiber; it is the opposite of relaxation. conraction
The disease that has pain located at certain trigger points in the muscles of the neck, back or hips is know as fibromyalgia
In myasthenia gravis, drooping of the eyelids is known as ptosis
OSHA educates healthcare professionals about workplace -related injuries
A---------action is an involuntary, automatic response of the muscular nervous pathway. reflex
A------blocker is a drug that blocks the action of epinephrine to treat essential familial tremor. beta
Each muscle is wrapped in fascia, a thin layer of connective tissue. True
An abductor is a muscle that moves a body part to the midline of the body. False
Supination is the turning of the palms posteriorly or downward. False
Insertion is where a muscle begins and is attached to a stationary or nearly stationary bone. False
Blunt force trauma to a muscle is a contusion that may be accompanied with bleeding in the muscle. True
Rigor mortis is the normal condition of the muscles several hours after death due to the release of the muscles stored calcium. True
An overuse injury known as shin splits occurs when tendons anterior to the fibula become inflamed. False
RICE is an abbreviation for a treatment that can be used to treat a sprain. True
Muscle relaxant drugs are used to decrease inflammation. False
Blocking the function of actylcholine receptors to prevent muscle contraction is one use for beta- blocker drugs False
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