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Chavez WH 36 vocab

Ch 36

International Space Station Project, involving 16 nations, to build a huge laboratory in space
Internet Worldwide computer network
Genetic Engineering Use of genes to develop new products and cures
Cloning Process of creating identical copies of DNA for research and other purposes
Green Revolution Attempt to increase food resources worldwide in the 20th century
Developed Nation Industrialized nation
Emerging Nation Nation that is still developing industry
Global Economy Economy linking the economies of many nations
Free Trade Absence of barriers that can block trade between countries
Ozone Layer Layer of atmosphere that blocks dangerous rays from the sun
Sustainable Growth Economic growth that meets current needs but conserves resources for the future
Proliferation Spread
Universal Declaration of Human Rights 1948 United Nations statement of specific rights that all people should have
Political Dissent Difference of opinion over political issues
Gender Inequality Difference between men and women in terms of wealth and status
AIDS Acquired immune deficiency syndrome, a disease that attacks the immune system, leaving sufferers open to deadly infections
Refugees People who leave their country to move to another to find safety
Terrorism Use of violence against people or property to force changes in societies or governments
Cyberterrorism Attacks on information systems for political reasons
Department of Homeland Security Department of the U.S. government that organizes the fight against terrorism in the United States
USA Patriot Act Antiterrorism law that allowed the government certain rights to help chase and capture terrorists
Popular Culture Cultural elements-such as sports, music, movies, and clothing-that reflect a group's common background
Materialism Placing high value on owning things
Acid Rain Rain with a high concentration of acids that destroy plant life and life in water
Biological Weapons Weapons that use disease-spreading microorganisms
Chemical weapons Weapons made from chemicals, such as poison gases
Conserving Saving
Cultural Blending Process of combining different cultures
DNA Basic material in chromosomes that transmits the genetic pattern
Docked Joined together in space
European Union Powerful European trading bloc created to promote free trade
Hijacked Took control of a moving vehicle by force
Lasers Devices that give off light in intense, narrow beams
Mass Media Communications that reach large numbers of people, including television and radio
Multinational Corporations Companies that operate in many nations
Nuclear Weapons Weapons that use atomic energy
Peacekeeping Force Soldiers sent by the United Nations to help keep peace
Unprecedented Never done before