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WHI.15 (2015)

Renaissance in Europe

Italian Renaissance a period of great cultural change in Italy between 14th-16th century. The change resulted in commercial advancement, urbanization, and secular education.
usury a banking practice of lending money at interest rates so high it was unreasonable or abusive to the person borrowing the money
accounting/bookkeeping the method of record keeping of debt and assets for a business (now all used Arabic numerals)
Greco-Roman culture the combined cultural achievements of Greece and Rome (ex: literature, medicine, philosophy,)
Machiavelli he wrote a book "The Prince" that gave the rulers of his day a guideline for acquiring and maintaining power by absolute rule. (main idea: end justifies the means)
Leonardo da Vinci Italian Renaissance painter know for the Mona Lisa and The Last Supper
Michelangelo Italian Renaissance artist know for painting the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel and creating the statue of David.
patron a wealthy person who pays for the of an organization or person (ex: during Renaissance they sponsored work that glorifies city-states in northern Italy)
secular non-religious
Petrarch Italian Renaissance writer known as the "Father of Humanism"
Northern Renaissance took the ideas of Italian Renaissance humanism and merged with Christian theology.
movable type printing press technology that allowed for the production and sale of books which then spread ideas
Erasmus Northern Renaissance writer know for " The Praise of Folly" a satire about the foolishness of mankind
Sir Thomas More Northern Renaissance writer know for writing the book "Utopia".
humanism Italian Renaissance philosophy that promoted the celebration of individual and the study of classical Greek and Roman culture.
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