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WHI.10 (2015)

Middle Ages/ Western Europe

Age of Charlemagne the reign of Charlemagne ( 768-814) that united Germanic Tribes under one ruler and Christianity
Franks Germanic tribes that created an empire ruled by kings who used military and power to expand their territory from present day Germany (358 AD) to most of Europe by 814 AD.
Germanic Civilizations tribes that invaded Roman Empire (ex: Angles, Saxon, and Magyars)
Angles and Saxons Germanic tribes that migrated to England in 5th century disrupting the social, economic, and political order of Europe.
Magyars Germanic tribes that migrated to central Europe in the 10th century disrupting the social, economic, and political order of Europe.
Literacy the ability to read
tribe a unit (usually related families) that is led by Chieftains
Vikings Scandinavian tribes that attacked Europe during the 9th & 10th centuries disrupting it's social, economic, and political order.
Feudalism Middle Ages social structure that is based on the exchange of labor for protection.
Manor System an economic and social system of medieval Europe where the Lord has power over the peasants who work on his land and manor
Fiefs a name of a feudal estate/land given by a Lord to a vassal as long as the vassal remained loyal to the Lord
Vassal a person given land by a Lord who expected loyalty and protection.
Serfs a laborer bound (usually enslaved) to a Lord's estate; they worked for protection and provision.
Feudal obligations reciprocal relationship of obligations between King and his vassals (Lords), Lord and his subjects (knights & serfs).
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