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7th/8th Hist Test 3

Tower of Bable Nimrod
united Mesopotamia Hammurabi
built the Royal Road Darius
brought Egypt to its greatest extent Thutmose III
Israel's first king Saul
deported the tribes of the Northern Kingdom of Israel Shalmaneser V
introduced democratic principles to Athens Solon
Pax Romana Caesar Augustus
established the Chaldean Empire Nabopolassar
fall of the Assyrian Empire Sennacherib
What name means "the makes fruitful"? Euphrates
What early inhabitants of Italy built the first cities? Etruscans
Where did Octavian defeat Antony's fleet? Actium
Which Roman emperor was the first to persecute Christians? Nero
Which Roman emperor reigned during Jesus' crucifixion, resurrection, and ascension? Tiberius
Which Roman emperor pushed the boundaries of the empire to their greatest extent? Trajan
What are the dates of the Middle Ages? A.D. 500-1500
Where was the first Christian church located? Jerusalem
Who directly caused the fall of the Western Roman Empire? Germans
What French scholar deciphered the Rosetta Stone? Champollion
Who invaded Belshazzar's Chaldean Empire? Medes
Who was the first pharaoh to unite all of Egypt? Menes
What is the most common form of the Greek language? Koine
At what mountain pass did the Spartans try to block the Persian advance during the Greco-Persian War? Thermopylae
Patricians were the prominent, wealthy people of Rome. True
The city of Pompeii was destroyed by a volcanic eruption during the reign of Titus. True
Pyrrhus was the Carthaginian general that led a large force of men, horses, and elephants across the Alps into Italy. Hannibal
Byzantium became the name of the new capital of the Roman Empire Constantinople
Leo I was the first pope officially recognized as the supreme head of the church. True
God allowed capital punishment, as punishment for the height of evil, man had reached the Flood
Jesus' birth is the greatest turning point in world history True
Man's relationship to God is the most important part of culture True
Writing is the greatest accomplishment of the Egyptians Umerians
David is remembered for asking for wisdom to govern Israel Solomon
When Israel was divided, the Southern Kingdom was called Judah True
What statement best describes the significance of the plagues on Egypt? Each plague involved some force of nature the Egyptians worshiped
Which statement gives the reason for the best form of government? Because of theocracy, Israelites did not need to look to man to solve their problems
Which statement best explains the preparation of the world for Jesus Christ? Common languages, safer travel, and spiritual dissatisfaction simplified the spread of the gospel
Which statement best describes the effect of the persecution on Christianity? The testimonies of martyrs encouraged others to receive Christ.
What Greek poet refined stories of Greek mythology? Homer
Who was called out of Ur around 2000 B.C. to become the father of the nation of Israel? Abraham
What theory states that Christ made Peter the head of the catholic church? Petrine Theory
What law did God establish to protect the sanctity of human life Capital Punishment
What became the most powerful body in the early Roman republic? the senate
Which Roman emperor declared toleration for Christians? Constantine
Who wrote Defender of the Peace in challenge of the Roman Catholic Church? Marsilius
What is the portion of the world in which Christianity prevails? Christendom
What nation was the first in world history to have a complete written account of its history? Israel
What name was given to Israel's founding fathers, Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob? Patriarchs
What was the most important thing the Phoenicians carried on their trading ventures? Alphabet
What Greek ruler conquered Persia and attempted to conquer the world? Alexander the Great
Who was a chief adviser in both the Babylonian and Persian Empires? Daniel