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WHI.9 Islam (2015)

Islamic civilization

Muhammad the prophet that was given revelations by Allah to form basis of Islamic religion
Qur'an (Koran) the sacred text of Islam (means word of God)
Five Pillars of Islam basic teachings of Islam that followers should profess faith, fast during Ramadan, pray 5x a day, give money to the poor, and travel to Mecca for Hajj.
alms money, food, clothing given to the poor
Moses & Jesus prophets that came before Muhammad in Islamic teaching
Sunni a division of Islam that believes that a religious leader should lead followers after Muhammad's death
Shi'a (Shiite) a division of Islam that believes a decedent of Muhammad should lead followers
Addasids Dynasty Islamic Empire that moved Muslim capital to Bagdad
Umayyad Dynasty Islamic Empire that expanded conquest to Jerusalem, North Africa and created the Muslim capital as Damascus
Battle of Tours battle in France that halted Muslim expansion into Europe in 732 A.D. (Frankish lead was Charles Martel)
Mecca holiest city in Islam because it was where Muhammad was born and received revelations from Allah.
Medina important city in Islam where Muhammad fled in 622 A.D. after being exiled from Mecca
Mecca & Medina major trading cities along trade routes that helped spread (diffuse) Islam in Asia, Middle East, and Africa
Dome of the Rock the first architectural achievement in Islam that was built in Jerusalem during 7th century
Mosaic an art style used by Muslims that combines many small pieces of glass or stone to create an image
Arabic numerals the worlds current number symbols, which Muslims adapted from India to include 0 (ex: 0,1,2,3,4,5)
Algebra a mathmatical theory developed by Muslims
Created by: catherine_pace