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French Revolution

Chapter 23- French Revolution Study Guide

Old Regime the political and social system that existed in France before the French Revolution
First Estate Members of this estate were members of the church, owned 10% of the land, and gave relief aid and money to education
Second Estate members of this estate were members of the nobility and they owned 20% of the land
Third Estate members of this estate were either bourgeoisie, workers and peasants and they paid all the taxes
Percentage of population that made up the 1st Estate 1%
Percentage of population that made up the 2nd Estate 2%
Percentage of population that made up the 3rd Estate 97%
This person claimed it was possible to build a "republic of virtue" by means of what came to be known as the Reign of Terror. Robespierre
This machine was invented to further humane goals, though often used ro destroy human lives. guillotine
This refers to the nobles who fled France but still hoped to restore the monarchy. emigres
This is the name of the government body that replaced the National Assembly. Legislative Assembly
What happened on July 14, Bastille Day? Storming of the Bastille Prison
What was the "slogan of the Revolution"? Liberty, Equality, Fraternity (brotherhood)
What issue led to the first meeting of the Estates-General in 175 years? Proposal by Louis to tax the 2nd Estate
How was the tax system in France in the years preceding the French Revolution? only members of the 3rd estate paid taxes
Political faction in France that Opposed the king & idea of monarchy; Wanted sweeping changes in government & proposed that common people have full power in a republic Radicals
Political faction in France that Wanted some changes in government, but not as many as the radicals because they wanted to keep some things as they were Moderates
Political faction in France that Upheld the idea of a limited monarch; Wanted few changes in government Conservatives
Wife of Louis who was known for the bad advice she gave her husband, her gambling addiction, and extravagant spending Marie Antoinette
King of France at the time of the revolution, known for his little patience for governing and extravagant spending Louis XVI
Meeting of the third estate after they were locked out of the Estate-General in which they reduced the power of the monarch and the power to the National Assembly Tennis Court Oath
French term for social classes Estate
an assembly of representatives from all three of the estates, or social classes, in France that had not met for 175 years Estates General
A French congress established by the members of the 3rd estate to enact laws and reforms in the name of the French people National Assembly
a wave of senseless fear and panic that spread across the French countryside after the storming of the Bastille Great Fear
period in France when Robespierre ruled France nearly as a dictator and thousands of political figures and peasants were executed Reign of Terror
Commander of the French Army that rose to power and became one of the most powerful dictators in Europe Napoleon Bonaparte
a comprehensive and uniform set of laws established in France by Napoleon Napoleonic Code
use of troops or ships to prevent commercial traffic from entering or leaving a city or region blockade
Name of the blockade system enforced by Napoleon to block all help and resources going to and from Britian Continental System
name of a fighting strategy that uses surprise tactics and attacks on enemy troops occupying your country; used by the Spanish against the French army guerilla
the practice of burning crops and killing livestock during wartime so that the enemy cannot live off the land nor find food; used by the Russians against the French scorched-earth policy
a political situation in which no one nation is powerful enough to pose a threat to others; used after Napoleon threatened or went to war with many European countries balance of power
the hereditary right of a monarch to rule legitimacy
name of agreement made between Napoleon and the United States that allowed for the sale of a large piece of land for 15 million dollars; he sold it for the money and to reinforce the victory of the Americans against the British Louisiana Territory
Name of the battle Napoleon fought against the British at sea that ended in a terrible defeat that forced him to give up his dream of ever attacking England Battle of Trafalgar
What were some accomplishments of Napoleon? Sold Louisiana Territory, added land, managed to keep his defeats out of the press, he built schools, he wrote the Napoleonic code, he got rid of corrupt officials
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