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Imperialism Test Rev

Test Review

What is Imperialism? Action that involves a country, extending power by acquisition of territories.
Colonialism occur? For political, economic and social/religious reasons
The take over of a country by a stronger nation with the intent of dominating is Imperialism
What is Berlin Conference? Europeans divided Africa into colonies without consulting African leaders
The Berlin Conference created? Colonial boundaries in Africa
Problems with Berlin Conference No Africans nations were invited to attend, no concern given to ethnic divisions in Africa.
Negatives: in Africa Created political divisions European business were the main ones who benefited Africans were taught European Culture Africans were not given a voice in voting Apartheid (segregation)
Positive: In Africa New technologies like railroads Slavery ended Built school, churches, houses
What is white Man's Burdenn Europeans thought they had a duty to introduce the benefits of their civilization to non European people.
What is Scramble for Africa? Europeans divided Africa into colonies without consulting African leaders
What is Sepoy? An Indian soldier serving under European control.
Sepoy Rebellion Aimed to remove foreign influence s
Europeans had Superior military technology
Spheres of influences Were used by European Nations in China to gain commercial advantages in China.
When did China divide into Spheres of influence After the Opium War
Why did China did not need to rely on other countries They had resources that other countries wanted access to.
How did they protect equal privilege amount countries Trading with China
Created by: spotsville2