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Ancient China

Vocabulary Words

Warring States time period from 475–221 BCE, when individual states began to fight each other in attempts to gain control of more land, people, and resources
Confucianism Among its most basic teachings are deep respect for ancestors, parents, and elders; the importance of polite behavior; and concern for other humans. They worked to make education a means of improving Chinese society and government
Philosophy is the study of the nature of reality, including the causes and principles of existence
Taoists (Daoists) believe that to live in harmony with nature, people must not have too many rules. This belief meant that rulers in China were supposed to avoid interfering with people's lives.
Legalism believes that people are selfish and only interested in doing what would most benefit them. Therefore, rulers needed to enact strict rules and maintain control by rewarding good behavior and punishing poor behavior.
Government is the system of rules and the people who make and administer them
Balance peaceful coexistence between man and nature
Civil Servant were the highly educated ministers and government administrators would help the Chinese Empire to become strong and organized. They had to take a test and pass to get the job.
Obedience following the laws or rules set out for by those in authority
The Way the belief that everything comes from the Dao (the correct way or path in life), and that peoplecould have peace and experience the Dao if they lived in harmony with and followed the example of nature. Have a balance.
Loess yellowish soil or sediments that are washed into the Yellow River giving it its color
Dynasty a family of powerful leaders
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