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Why did Japan instate mandatory public education? To higher their GDP
Name 3 areas Japan invaded from 1910-1942. China, Korea, Thailand
What are the ABCD powers? People trying to discourage Japan
During which period was the feudal system abolished? Meij
What is urbanization? To change from farm life to city life
Who was the longest reigning emperor of Japan? Emperor Hirohito
The United States dropped atomic bombs on which 2 Japanese cities? Hiroshima,Nagasaki
What is the Greater East Asian Co-Prosperity Sphere? They were thinking to create a bloc of asians
Why did Japan modernize? During the Meij restoration
Why did the United States declare war on Japan in 1941? Because Japan bombed Pearl Harbor
Which country has a higher GDP: North Korea or South Korea? South Korea
What is nationalism? To think your country is better than all others
What is imperialism? Getting more power by military force
Japan fought with which TWO countries during World War II? (Who were Japan’s allies?) Germany and Hungary
The Soviet Union influenced the development of which country: North Korea or South Korea? North Korea
Which country has a democratic system of government: North Korea or South Korea? South Korea
Created by: Jonathon89p