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Patrician a group of ruling class families in ancient Rome
Plebeian Citizens of Rome like farmers, craftsmen, laborers, and soldiers. Could not have power or be in the government
Legion largest unit of the Roman army consisting of 5,000 soldiers
Twelve Tables Roman laws that were placed in the Forum for everyone to see
Pax Romana a period of peace and stability in Rome that lasted for over 200 years, started from the reign of Augustus to Marcus Aurelius
What was the name of the river Rome was built on? Tiber River
The story of how Rome came to be ... There were 2 brothers named Romulus and Remus and they both wanted power, but Romulus killed Remus and Rome is named after Romulus
Who was the general of Carthage during the second Punic War? Hannibal
Who was the slave that organized a slave revolt? Spartacus
Who were the first 3 members of the First Triumvirate? Julius Caesar, Pompey, and Crassus
When was Julius Caesar assassinated? March 15, 44 BC
Who were the conspirators who killed Caesar? Trebonius, Cinna, Cassius, Ligarius, Decius, Metellus, Casca, and Brutus
Who was the last emperor in the Pax Romana? Marcus Aurelius
Who divided the Roman empire into east and west? Diocletian
What name did Octavian take on after becoming the 1st emperor of Rome? Agustus, which means "exalted one"
Who was the general that challenged Octavian for power after Caesar's death? Mark Antony
How did Julius Caesar gain power? defeated Pompey and declared himself emperor
How did christianity become the official religion in Rome? Theodosis was the first emperor to decree that all citizens should be christian
What caused the decline and fall of the western Roman empire? the Huns' invasion in the late 4th century
Nero built the Domes Aurea after Rome burned
Hadrian built a 73 mile defensive wall in Brittania
Claudias built 2 important aqueducts in Rome
Trajan removed a hill to build a new Forum
Vespasian built the Coliseum with slave labor
Who makes up the Romans? Latins, Greeks, and Etruscans
Tribunes protect plebeian's political rights
How many holidays did the Romans have? 150
Jesus started preaching at what age? 30 and he preached about monotheism
Paul spends his life preaching and interpreting christianity
Diaspora centuries of Jewish exile
Peter first bishop of Rome
Augustine bishop in North Africa, one of the most important Fathers, wrote the famous book, City of God
Inflation drop in value of money and rise in prices
Constantine renamed Byzantium to ________? Constantinople
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