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Chapter 24

Nationalist Revolutions Sweep the West

Peninsulares In Spanish colonial society, colonists who were born in Spain
Creole In Spanish colonial society, a colonist who was born in Latin America to Spanish parents
Mulatto Persons of mixed European and African ancestry
Simón Bolivar Creole general that helped Venezuela gain its independence from Spain in 1821, and worked with José de San Martin to win independence in other South American countries
José de San Martin Creole general that won independence for Argentina, Chile, Peru, and Ecuador
MIguel Hidalgo Priest that led a rebellion of 80,000 low class Mexicans against Spanish rule unsuccessfully
José Maria Morelos Priest that continued Hidalgo's fighting for four more years until his defeat in 1815
Conservative In the first half of the 19th century, a European-usually a wealthy landowner or noble-who wanted to preserve the traditional monarchies of Europe
Liberal In the first half of the 19th century, a European-usually a middle-class business leader or merchant-who wanted to give more political power to elected parliaments
Radical In the first half of the 19th century, a European who favored drastic change to exchange democracy to all people
Nationalism The belief that people should be loyal to their nation-that is to the people with whom they share a culture and history-rather than a king or empire
Nation-State An independent geopolitical unit of people having a common culture and identity
The Balkans The region of southeastern Europe now occupied by Greece, Albania, Bulgaria, Romania, the European part of Turkey, and former republics of Yugoslavia
Louis-Naopleon Nephew of Napoleon Bonaparte. Elected president of France in 1848, and took the title of emperor. Worked to industrialize France and funded many public works projects. He greatly reduced unemployment and led France into prosperity.
Alexander II Russian czar that worked to bring modernization and social reform to Russia. He took steps to serfdom in Russia
Russification The process of forcing Russian culture on all ethnic groups in the Russian Empire
Camilo de Cavour King of Sardinia that began the unification of Italy
Giuseppe Caribaldi Italian nationalist leader that led the fight to unify Italy
Junker Strongly conservative members of Prussia's wealthy, landowning class
Otto von Bismarck Prussian leader that worked to unite Germany
Realoplitik "The politics of reality"-the practice of tough power politics without room for idealizm
Kaiser A German emperor (from the Roman title Caesar)
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