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Egypt Part 2


dynasty a line of rulers from the same family
succession order in which members of a royal family inherit a throne
pharaoh The king of Egypt meant “great house
pyramid a structure shaped like a triangle
step pyramid its sides rise in a series of giant steps
Khufu (KOO•FOO) he wanted a monument that would show the world how great he was. He ordered the construction of the largest pyramid ever built
reign the time when a ruler is in power
Hatshepsut (hat•SHEHP•SOOT Queen who was the first woman to rule as pharaoh
obelisk four-sided shaft with a pyramid-shaped top
Tutankhamen a young relative named (TOOT•ahng•KAH•muhn) became pharaoh in 1333 B.C three years after Akhenaton’s death after
Ramses II In 1279 B.C., 44 years after Tutankhamen died, he took the throne. His 66-year reign was among the longest in history.
Cleopatra the last Macedonian ruler was this famous queen
Created by: hlillard