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Judges 16

Study of the book of Judges

Where did Samson go to see a harlot? Gaza - 16:1
What did the Philistines plan when they heard Samson was in Gaza? They laid in wait overnight and were planning on killing him in the morning - 16:2
When did Samson wake up and leave Gaza? At midnight - 16:3
How did Samson get out of town when the gates were closed? He took the doors of the gate of the city and the two posts, put them on his shoulders and carried them to the top of a hill near Hebron - 16:3
Who was Delilah? A woman of the valley of Sorek who Samson loved - 16:4
Who asked Delilah to find the source of Samson's strength? The lords of the Philistines - 16:5 The Lords of the Philistines - 16:5
What was Delilah offered to reveal the source of Samson's strength? Eleven Hundred pieces of silver from each of them - 16:5
What was the first answer Samson gave to Delilah about his strength? If they would bind him with seven green withs (fresh cords) that had never been dried that he would be as weak as other men - 16:7
Who gave Delilah the seven green withs to tie Samson up with? The lords of the Philistines - 16:8
As the men were hiding in her chamber and Delilah had tied Samson up what happened when she cried unto him that the Philistines were upon him? She broke the seven green withs like a thread of tow is broken when it touches the fire - 16:9
What was the second thing Samson told Delilah was able to keep him bound? New ropes that had never been used - 16:11
What was the third thing Samson told Delilah was able to keep him bound? Weave the seven locks of his head with the web - 16:13
What did Samson do when he was awakened the third time? He went away with the pin of the beam and wit the web - 16:14
What was the reason Delilah kept giving Samson when he gave her the wrong reasons for his strength? How can you say you love me when thine heart is not with me - 16:15
What happened to Samson, when Delilah continued to press him daily about the source of his strength? His soul became vexed unto death - 16:16
What did Samson finally tell Delilah about the source of his strength? His hair had never been cut with a razor because he was a Nazarite - 16:17
What did Delilah do when she realized that Samson had told her all his heart about the source of his strength? She told the Lords of the Philistines she knew the source of his strength - 16:18
What did the lords of the Philistines do when she assured them she knew the source of his strength? They each one gave her the money they had promised her - 16:18
How did Delilah have Samson's hair cut? She had him sleep on her knees (his head in her lap) and had a man come in and cut the locks of his hair - 16:19
After his hair had been cut, what did Delilah say to Samson? The Philistines be upon thee - 16:20
What did Samson say after his hair was cut and Delilah said the Philistines were upon him? I will go out as at other times and shake myself - 16:20
What did Samson not realize had happened to his strength? He knew not that the Lord had departed from him - 16:20
What did the Philistines do to Samson after they captured him? They put out his eyes, brought him down to Gaza and bound him with fetters of brass and he did grind in the prison house - 16:21
What happened to Samson's hair after he was put in the prison? It began to grow again - 16:22
Why did the lords of the Philistines have a feast? To offer a sacrifice to their god Dagon and to rejoice for they said our god hath delivered Samson into our hand - 16:23
What did the people do when they saw Samson in chains and with no eyes? They praised their god - 16:24
What did the people ask to happen to Samson? To be brought forth to make sport (make fun of) of him - 16:25
Where was Samson brought to so the people could see him? Between the pillars - 16:25
Who did Samson ask to let him feel the pillars? The lad that led him there - 16:26
Why did Samson tell the lad he wanted to feel the pillars? So he could lean upon them - 16:26
How many people were upon the roof? About three thousand - 16:27
Who did Samson call upon for the renewal of his strength? God - 16:28
Why did Samson want God to renew his strength? To avenge the Philistines for his two eyes - 16:28
What did Samson ask God to do to him? Let him die with the Philistines - 16:30
How many died when the pillars collapsed? More than were they which he slew in his life - 16:30
Where was Samson buried? Between Zorah and Eshtaol where his father was buried - 16:31
How long had Samson judged Israel? Twenty Years - 16:31
Created by: FredV
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