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Judges 15

Study of the book of Judges

When Samson when to see his wife during the wheat harvest whet did her father tell Samson? He thought that Samson hated her and had given her to his companion - 15:1-2
What did Samson's father-in-law offer Samson? His wife's sister - 15:2
What did Samson do after learning that his wife had been given to another? He took 300 foxes and tied them tail to tail with firebrands (torches) and let them go through the corn (grain) of the Philistines burning up both the shocks and the standing corn and the vineyards and olives - 15:4-5
What did the Philistines do when they learned that Samson had burned their fields and vineyards and olives? They burned Samson's wife and her father - 15:6
What did Samson do in response of this wife and father-in-law being burned? He smote them hip and thigh with a great slaughter - 15:8
Where did Samson go after he revenged the death of his wife and father-in-law? To the top of the rock Etam - 15:8
What did the Philistines do after Samson's great slaughter? They came to Lehi to fight the Israelites - 15:9
What did the Israelites do when they learned why the Philistines came to fight them? They took Samson and bound him with two new cords and delivered him to the Philistines - 15:11-13
How many men of Judah came to get Samson ? Three thousand - 15:11
What happened to Samson when the Philistine saw him being delivered to them bound by the cords? They shouted against him - 15:14
What did Samson do when he was brought to the Philistines? He broke the bands, took the jawbone of a donkey and slew a thousand Philistines - 15:15-16
What did Samson call the place where he slew a thousand Philistines with the jawbone of a donkey? Ramath-lehi (The lifting of the jawbone) - 15:17
What did Samson ask of God following the slaying of the thousand Philistines? He was thirsty and asked for water - 15:18
How did God give water to Samson? He hollowed a place out of the jawbone and it brought forth water - 15:9
What did Samson call the place where he was given water from the jawbone? En-hakkore - 15:19
How long did Samson judge Israel? Twenty Years - 15:20
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