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6th SS - Chapter 9

Chapter 9: The Arab World

Arabian Peninsula is located between what two bodies of water Persian Gulf and Arabian Sea
What are the 3 major regions of Arabia Jabal al Hijaz mountains, east coast, desert
oasis/oases a well-watered area in a desert
Arab people that lived in the southwest were called Sabeans
Arab people that lived in the north were called Nabateans
Important and ancient city that became a stop on a trade route between the Mediterranean and Red Seas Petra
What mode of transporation did Arabs use to travel across the desert for long distances they uses camels
caravan group of people and animals that travel together
What does the word "Bedouins" mean "people of the desert"
Arabic word for God Allah
Written language of the Arabs Arabic
Founder of Islam Muhammad
Person who believes in Islam Muslim
Mecca's big, black square-shaped temple. Also the most sacred site in all of Islam Kaaba
Arabic word for migration hijra
City that Muhammad was born in that born in, later had to flee, and is now the holiest Islamic city Mecca
Important migration and turning point in Islamic history was Muhammad's migration from what city to what city Mecca to Medina
Building where Muslims worship mosque
The holy book of Islam that contains the teachings of Muhammad Quaran
What are the Five Pillars of Islam 1. Belief in one God Allah 2. Pray 5 times a day to Allah 3. Give to those in need 4. Rules for fasting during month of Ramadan 5. Go on hajj to Mecca
journey to visit Mecca hajj
a journey for a religious purpose pilgrimage
successors to the prophet Muhammad caliph
lands ruled by caliphs caliphate
small shops bazaar
Muslim advancement in math is called what algebra
instrument invented to figure out the position of stars astrolabe
flowing, lacy ornaments often intertwined with leafy forms and vines arabesque
beautiful handwriting calligraphy
minarets tall, slender towers from which Muslim leaders call Muslims to prayer
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