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Judges 11

Study of the book of Judges

Who was Jephthah? A Gileadite, a mighty man of valor and the son of a harlot - 11:1
What did the half-brothers of Jephthah do to him? They thrust him out because his mother was a harlot - 11:2
Where did Jephthah go after his half-brothers thrust him out? The land of Tob - 11:3
Who went with Jephthah when he went to the land of Tob? Vain men - 11:3
Why did the elders of Gilead seek Jephthah out to help them? The children of Ammon made war with them - 11:4-5
Why did Jephthah hesitate helping the elders of Gilead? Because of their past actions toward him - 11:6-7
What was the condition Jephthah gave to the elders of Gilead before he would help them? He was to be their head (leader) - 11:8-9
Did the elders of Gilead agree to make Jephthah their head (leader)? Yes - 11:10
Did Jephthah agree to be the head of the elders of Gilead? Yes - 11:11
Who did Jephthah send messengers to about their conflict with Israel? The king of the children of Ammon - 11:12
What did the messengers ask the king of the children of Ammon? What hast thou to do with me, that thou art come against me to fight in my land - 11:12
What was the claim of the king of the children of Ammon to the Israelites? You took our land away from us - 11:13
What did the king of the children of Ammon ask Jephthah (through his messengers) to do? To restore those land peaceably - 11:13
What was Jephthah's answer to the king of the children of Ammon? We didn't take it from you but because you would not let our ancestors pass through your land, God took it away from you when you attacked Israel - 11:14-22
What three nations refused to give the Israelites permission to pass through their lands? Ammon, Edom and Moab - 17-20
Who was the king of the Amorites who refused to let Israel pass through? Sihon - 11:20-21
What reasoning did Jephthah give to the king of the children of Ammon about the possession of the land? If God took it away from you, why should you feel you should possess it - 11:23
What land did Jephthah ask the king of the children of Ammon to possess? The land their god, Chemosh gave them - 1:24
Who was the king of Moab? Balak, the son of Zippor - 11:25
How long had Israel possess the land that the king of the children of Ammon want Israel to give back to them? Three Hundred years - 3:26
Did the king of the children of Ammon accept Jephthah's answer? No - 11:27-28
What happened to Jephthah that enabled him to cross over Gilead and Manasseh to go to the children of Ammon? The Spirit of the Lord came upon him - 11:29
What vow did Jephthah make if the Lord would give him the victory over Ammon? He would sacrifice whatsoever cometh forth of the doors of his house - 11:30-31
Did Jephthah defeat Ammon? Yes - 11:32-33
Who was the first one to come out of his house when he returned home? His daughter who was his only child - 11:34
What did Jephthah do when he saw his daughter come out of his house? He rent his clothes as he realized he had made a foolish vow - 11:35
What was the response of Jephthah's daughter when he told her what he had said? She told him to do as he had promised God - 11:36
What request did Jephthah's daughter give to Jephthah? To give her two months to go up and down the mountains with her companions to bewail her virginity - 11:37
Did Jephthah agree to his daughter's request? Yes - 11:38
Did Jephthah go through with his vow to God? Yes - 11:39
What custom did this action initiate? The daughters of Israel went yearly to lament the daughter of Jephthah the Gileadite four days in a year - 11:40
Created by: FredV
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