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Judges 9

Study of the book of Judges

Who did Abimelech go to, to ask about being a king over them? His mother's brethren in Shechem - 9:1
What did Abimelech ask the men of Shechem? Would you rather have one man rule over you and 70 men - 9:2
Who did the men of Shechem decide to follow? Abimelech - 9:3
What did the men of Shechem give to Abimelech to be their ruler? Seventy pieces of silver - 9:4
What did Abimelech do with the 70 pieces of silver given to him by the men of Shechem to be their ruler? He hired vain and light persons which followed him - 9:4
When Abimelech went to Ophrah to slay his seventy brothers, who escaped? Jotham - 9:5
Where did the men of Shechem go to make Abimelech their king? Milo - 9:6
Where did Jotham go to tell the men of Shechem a story about trees seeking a ruler over them? Mount Gerizim - 9:7
What was the first tree that was asked to be king over the trees? The olive tree - 9:8
Did the olive tree decide to be king over the trees? No - 9:9
What was the second tree that was asked to be king over the trees? The fig tree - 9:10
Did the Fig tree decide to be king over the trees? No - 9:11
After the olive tree and fig tree refused to be king over the trees, who was asked next? The Vine - 12
Did the vine agree to be king over the trees? No - 9:13
After the vine refused, who did the trees ask to rule over them? The bramble - 9:14
What was the condition the bramble gave to accept being king over the trees? They had to come and put their trust in its shadow - 9:15
What was Jotham saying through the parable of the trees? If they wanted Abimelech to be their king instead of the seventy sons of Jerubbaal (Gideon) they would be destroyed by him - 9:16-20
Where did Jotham flee to after he spoke the parable of the trees to the men of Shechem? To Beer - 9:21
Why did Jotham flee to Beer? For fear of Abimelech his brother - 9:21
How long did Abimelech rule over Israel? Three years - 9:22
What happened to Abimelech and the men of Shechem after three years? God sent an evil spirit between them - 9:23
Why did the men of Shechem seek to kill Abimelech? Because of what he and some of the men of Shechem had done to his seventy brothers - 9:24
Who did the men of Shechem put their confidence in? Gaal, the son of Ebed - 9:26
Who questioned the men of Shechem serving Abimelech instead of Hamor the father of Shechem? Gaal - 9:28
Who warned Abimelech about Gaal and the men of Shechem seeking to kill him? Zebul the officer of Jerubbaal (Gideon) - 9:28-31
What did Zebul tell Abimelech to do? Plan an ambush - 9:33
How many divisions did Abimelech use to ambush the men of Shechem? Four - 9:34
When Gaal told Zebul he saw people coming down from the mountains, what did Zebul reply? It is the shadow of the mountains - 9:36
When Gaal realized it was the army of Abimelech approaching his army, what did Zebul say to him? Now where is your mouth where you said who is Jerubbaal - 9:38
What did Abimelech do to Gaal and his army? They chased them back into the city of Shechem - 9:40
What did Zebul do to Gaal and his men when they tried to enter back into the city? He thrust them out - 9:41
What did Abimelech do to the city of Shechem after defeating the people? He sowed it with salt - 9:45
Where did the men of the tower of Shechem go when they heard of Abimelech defeating Shechem? They entered into the hold of the house of the god Berith - 9:46
What did Abimelech do when he learned of the men going to the house of the god Berith? He had his men cut branches and placed them around the hold and burned it down killing all the men and women who were there - 9:48-49
How many men and women died in the fire at the house of the god Berith? About a thousand - 9:49
After the victory at the house of the god Berith, where did Abimelech go? To Thebez - 9:50
After he captured the city of Thebez, what did Abimelech do to the strong tower within the city ? He tried to burn it down - 9:51-52
What happened to Abimelech while he was attacking the tower? A woman cast a piece of millstone down upon his head to break his skull - 9:53
Not wanting it to be said a woman killed him what did Abimelech ask his armourbearer to do? To kill him with a sword - 9:54
What did the men of Israel do after the death of Abimelech? They went back home - 9:55
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