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Chavez Wh 28 Vocab

Ch 28

Opium War War between Britain and China over the opium trade
Extraterritorial Rights Rights of foreign residents to follow the laws of their own government rather than those of the host country
Taiping Rebellion Rebellion against the Qing Dynasty
Sphere of Influence Area in which a foreign nation controls trade and investment
Open Door Policy Policy proposed by the United States giving all nations equal opportunities to trade in China
Boxer Rebellion Rebellion aimed at ending foreign influence in China
Treaty of Kanagawa Treaty between the United States and Japan opening trade between the two nations
Meiji Era Period of rule by Emperor Mutsuhito from 1867 to 1912
Russo-Japanese War War between Russia and Japan fought in 1904
Annexation Adding of territory
Caudillo Military Dictator
Monroe Doctrine U.S statement of opposition to European influence in the Americas
Jose Marti Cuban writer who fought for Cuban independence
Spanish-American War War fought between the United States and Spain in 1989, in which the Americans supported the Cuban fight for independence
Panama Canal Man-made waterway connecting the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans
Roosevelt Corollary Statement that the United States had the right to exercise "police power" in the Western Hemisphere
Antonio Lopez de Santa Anna Leader in Mexico's fight for independence
Benito Juarez Leader of La Reforma
La Reforma Movement in Mexico aimed at achieving land reform, better education, and other goals
Porfirio Diaz Dictator who came to power at Juarez
Francisco Madero Enemy of Diaz who believed in democracy
"Pancho" Villa Popular leader of the Mexican revolution
Emiliano Zapata Leader of a powerful revolutionary army
Access means of getting in
Boxers Chinese people who fought against foreign influence in China
Concentration Camps Places where people are held, usually for being political enemies
Conservatives People who do not want change
Constitutional Monarchy Government in which royal power is limited by the law
Dominated Controlled
Exports Goods sold to another country
Humiliated To have lost pride, dignity, or self-respect
Import To buy a good from another country
Internal Inside a country
Isolated Cut off from other nations
Multinational Made up of people from many nations
Opium A dangerous drug that the British exported to China from India
Plotted Made a secret plan
Shogun Japanese military ruler
Stability Order; freedom from constant change
Unrest Political change and dissatisfaction