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Chavez WH 26 Vocab

CH 26

Suffrage Right to vote
Chartist Movement Movement in England to give the right to vote to more people and to obtain other rights
Queen Victoria Leader of Britain when democratic changes were occurring
Third Republic Government formed in France after Napoleon III was exiled
Dreyfus Affair Events surrounding the framing of a Jewish officer in the French army
Anti-Semitism Prejudice against Jews
Zionism Movement to establish a separate homeland in Palestine for the Jews
Dominion Nation in the British Empire allowed to govern its own domestic affairs
Maori Polynesian people who settled in New Zealand
Aborigine Native people of Australia
Penal Colony Place where convicts are sent to serve their sentences as an alternative prison
Home Rule Local control over domestic affairs
Irish Republican Army Unofficial military force seeking independence
Manifest Destiny Belief that the United States would rule the land from the Atlantic Ocean to the Pacific Ocean
Abraham Lincoln 16th president of the United States
U.S Civil War War fought between the North and South from 1861-1865
Emancipation Proclamation 1863 proclamation to free the slaves in the Confederate states
Segregation Separation by race
Assembly Line Arrangement by which a product in a factory is moved from worker to worker, with each worker completing a single step in the task
Charles Darwin Scientist who developed the theory of evolution
Theory of evolution Theory that all life on earth developed from simpler forms of life
Radioactivity Form of energy released as atoms decay
Psychology Study of the mind
Mass Culture Art and entertainment appealing to a large audience
Amended Changed
Bacteria Microscopic organisms; germs
Confederate States of America Name taken by the states that seceded from the Union leading to the U.S. Civil War
Decay Break Down
Enactment Officially becoming law
Exile Absence from one's country
Framed Made to appear guilty or assume the guilt for a crime one has not committed
Immigration Movement into a country
Nationalists People who are loyal to a particular nation or group of people
Nomadic Without a fixed home
Patents Inventor's rights to make, use, and sell his or her inventions
Prejudice Unfair attitudes or beliefs, often aimed at a specific group
Provinces Political divisions similar to states
Reform Bill of 1832 Bill that gave some members of the middle class in Britain the right to vote
Secret Ballots Method of voting in privacy
Subconscious Part of the mind below the consciousness
Union Name for the USA, during the Civil War