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Chavez WH 24 Vocab

CH 24

Peninsulares Latin Americans born in Spain
Creoles Spaniards born in Latin America
Mulattos Africans or people of mixed European and African ancestry
Simon Bolivar Leader of Venezuelan independence movement
Jose de San Martin Leader who helped win independence for Chile and Argentina
Miguel Hidalgo Priest who began the revolt against Spanish rule in Mexico
Jose Morelos Leader of the Mexican revolt after Hidalgo was defeated
Conservative People who supported the monarchy
Liberal People who wanted to give more power to elected legislatures
Radical People who wanted to end the rule by kings and give full voting rights to all people
Nationalism Belief that a person's loyalty belongs to the nation itself instead of to the nation's ruler
Nation-State Country with its own independent government
The Balkans Region including all or part of present-day Greece, Albania, Bulgaria, Romania, Turkey, and former Yugoslavia
Louis-Napoleon Winner of the presidential election in France in 1848; later emperor
Alexander II Ruler of Russia who freed the serfs
Russification A policy of forcing Russian culture on ethnic groups in the Russian Empire
Camillo de Cavour Prime minister who unified northern Italy
Giuseppe Garibaldi Leader of the Red Shirts who won control over parts of Southern Italy
Otto von Bismarck Leader who worked to expand Prussia
Junker Wealthy German landholders
Realpolitik Tough, practical politics
Kaiser Emperor
Confederation Group that joins together for a common purpose
Czar Emperor of Russia
Ethnic Related to a religious, racial, national, or cultural group
Exile State of being sent away from one's own country
Flee Run away
Gothic Novel Stories filled with fear, violence, or supernatural events
Grim Harsh; hard to bear
Legislatures Law-making bodies
Mestizos People with mixed European and Indian ancestry
Turmoil Disorder or confusion
Unify Unite; create one country out of separate states or other political divisions