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Chavez WH 23 Vocab

CH 23

Old Regime French system of feudalism, 3 estates
estate Pre-French Revolution social classes of people
Louis XVI weak king who came to French throne in 1774
Marie Antoinette unpopular queen; wife of Louis XVI
Estates-General Assembly of representatives from all three estates
national assembly French congress established by representatives of the third estate
tennis court oath promise made by third estate of French representatives to draw up a new constitution
great fear wave of panic
legislative assembly assembly that replaces the French national assembly in 1791
emigres nobles and others who left france during the peasant uprisings and who hoped to come back to restore the old system
sans-culottes radical group of Parisian wage-earners
jacobin member of the Jacobin club, a radical political
guillotine machine for beheading people
maximilien robespierre revolutionary leader who tried to wipe out every trace of france's past monarchy and nobility
reign of terror period of Robespierre's rule
napoleon bonaparte military leader who seized power in France
coup d'etat a sudden takeover of a government
plebiscite vote by the people
lycée government-run public school
concordat agreement
Napoleonic Code Complete set of laws set up by Napoleon that eliminated many injustices
Battle of Trafalgar British defeat of Napoleon's forces at sea
Blockade Forced closing of ports
Continental System Napoleon's policy of preventing trade and communication between Great Britain and other European nations
Guerilla Spanish peasant fighter
Peninsular War War that Napoleon fought in Spain
Scorched-Earth Policy Policy of burning fields and slaughtering livestock so that enemy troops would find nothing to eat
Waterloo Battle in Belgium that was Napoleon's final defeat
Hundred Days Napoleon's last bid for power, which ended at Waterloo
Congress of Vienna Meetings in Vienna for the purpose of restoring order to Europe
Klemens von Metternich Key leader at the Congress of Vienna
Balance of Power Condition in which no one country becomes a threat to the other
Legitimacy Bringing back to power the kings that Napoleon had driven out
Holy Alliance League formed by Russia, Austria, and Prussia
Concert of Europe Series of alliances to help prevent revolution
Bastille Paris prison
Bourgeoisie Well-off merchants and skilled workers
Committee of Public Safety Committee led by Robespierre that tried "enemies of the Revolution" and had them executed
Conservatives Those favoring established or traditional ways of governing
Declaration of the Rights of Men Revolutionary statement guaranteeing rights such as liberty and property
Delegates Representatives
Deserted Left without permission; ran away
Emperor Absolute ruler
First Estate Class made up of Roman Catholic clergy
Mob Unpredictable crowd that acts as a single body
Radicals Revolutionaries; people with extreme political views
Representative Government Government in which lawmakers represent the will of the people
Royalists Supporters of the monarchy
Second Estate Class made up of nobles
Stability Order; safety and security
Third Estate All merchants, skilled workers, city workers, and peasants
Versailles Site of the extremely luxurious palace of the kings of France