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Chavez WH 22 Vocab

CH 22

Abuses improper uses, misuses
Astronomy Study of the universe beyond the earth
Boycott Organized refusal to buy a certain good or participate in a certain action
Hypothesis attempt to answer a question that needs to be proven or disproven
Intellectual Related to thinking or to the mind
Law of gravity Idea linking motion in the heavens with motion on the Earth and based on the principle that every object attracts every other object
reformed Changed for the better
Repeal Take back a law
Serfdom State or condition of using workers as slaves
Vaccination Introduction of weakened or killed viruses or bacteria into the body to protect against a specific disease
Violated Went against
Scientific Revolution New way of thinking about the natural world based on careful observation and a willingness to question
Heliocentric theory Theory that the sun is at the center of the universe
Geocentric Theory View which held that the earth was the center of the universe
Galileo Galilei Scientist who was forced by the Catholic Church to take back scientists ideas that disagreed with the church's view
Scientific Method Logical procedure for gathering and testing ideas
Isaac Newton Scientist who discovered laws of motion and gravity
Enlightenment Age of reason
Social contract According to Thomas Hobbes, an agreement people make with government
John Locke Philosopher who wrote about government, Life Liberty and Property
Philosophes social critics in France
Voltaire writer who fought for tolerance, reason, freedom of religious belief, and freedom of speech
Montesquieu French writer concerned with government and political liberty, checks and balances
Rousseau Enlightenment thinker who championed freedom
Mary Wollstonecraft Author who wrote women's rights
Salon Social gathering for discussing ideas or enjoying art
Baroque Grand, ornate style
Neoclassical Sample style that borrowed ideas from classical Greece and Rome
Enlightened despot Ruler who supported Enlightenment ideas but did not give up power
Catherine the great Russian ruler who took steps to reform and modernize Russia
Declaration of Independence Document declaring America's independence from Britain
Thomas Jefferson Author of the Declaration of Independence
Checks and Balances System in which each branch of government checks, or limits, the power of the other two branches
Federal system System of government in which power is divided between the national and state governments
Bill of Rights First ten amendments to the U.S. Constitution's; protections of basic rights for individuals