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Chavez WH 21 Vocab

CH 21

Philip ll Spanish king who took control of Portugal but failed in his invasion of England
Absolute Monarch King or queen with complete control
Divine right idea that a ruler receives the right to rule from God
Edict of Nantes Order that gave Huguenots the right to love in peace in Catholic France
Cardinal Richelieu Chief minister of France who reduces the power of the Nobles
Skepticism Belief that nothing could be known for certain
Louis XIV French king who was an absolute ruler
Intendent Official of the French government
Jean Baptiste Colbert Chief Minister of Finance under Louis XIV
War of the Spanish Succession War fought by other European nations against France and Spain when those two states tried to unite their thrones
Thirty years war Conflict over religion, territory, and power among European ruling families
Maria Theresa Empress of Austria whose main enemy was Prussia
Frederick the Great Leader of Prussia who sought to increase its territory
Seven years war Conflict from 1756 to 1763 in which the forces of Britain and Prussia battles those Austria, France, Russia, and other countries
Ivan the Terrible Ruler who added lands to Russia, gave it a code of laws, and also used his secret police to execute ''traitors"
Boyar Russian noble who owned land
Peter the great Important leader of Russia who started westernization
westernization Use of western Europe as a model of change
Charles L King of England who was executed
English Civil War War fought from 1642 to 1649 between the Royalists, or Cavaliers, and the Puritan supports of Parliament
Oliver Cromwell Leader of the Puritans
Restoration Period after the monarchy was restored in England
Habeas Corpus Law giving prisoners the right to obtain a document saying that the prisoner cannot go to jail without being brought before a judge
Glorious revolution Bloodless overthrow of King James II
Constitutional Monarchy Government in which laws limit the monarch's power
Cabinet a group of government ministers that was a link between the monarch the Parliament
Absolutism Condition that occurs when a ruler has absolute, or total, power
Ally State associated with another state because it has signed a treaty of formed an alliance
Defy Go against
Dissolved Broken up
Expanded Made bigger
intact Whole
Loot Rob places that have been conquered or have experienced other disasters
Provinces Political divisions, like states
Religious Tolerance Acceptance of more than one set of religious beliefs
Succession Order in which people follow one another to the throne
Treason Action to betray or overthrow government