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Judges 8

Study of the book of Judges

Why did the men of Ephraim get upset with Gideon? He did not invite them to do battle with him - 8:1
How did Gideon appease the men of Ephraim not inviting them to go to war with him? He told them that the gleaning of the grapes in Ephraim was more important and that God took care of the Midianites who were troubling them and their vineyards - 8:2-3
Did Gideon's answer satisfied the men of Ephraim? Yes - 8:3
Who crossed the Jordan with Gideon to pursue the Midianites? The three hundred men that were selected to go with him to battle (all 300 were still alive) - 8:4
Who were Gideon and his men pursuing? Zebah and Zalmunna - 8:5
Who did Gideon ask to give them bread? The men of Succoth - 8:5
Did the men of Succoth give bread to Gideon and his men? No - 8:6
What was Gideon's response to the men of Succoth when they refused to give him and his men some bread? After the Lord delivered Zebah and Zalmunna into his hand, he would return to tear their flesh with the thorns of the wilderness and with briars - 8:7
Who else did Gideon ask for help with bread? The men of Penuel - 8:8
What was the response of the men of Penuel when Gideon asked them for bread for his men? The same of the men of Succoth; No - 8:8
What did Gideon promise the men of Penuel he would do after the battle was over? He would return and tear down their tower - 8:9
Where did Gideon and his men find Zebah and Zalmunna? In Karkor - 8:10
How many men were with Zebah and Zalmunna in Karkor? Fifteen Thousand men of the children of the east- 8:10
How many men of the children of the east had been killed? 120,000 men - 8:10
Where did Gideon and his men find the host of the children of the east? East of Nobah and Jogbehah - 8:11
Did Gideon and his men catch Zebah and Zalmunna? Yes - 8:12
How long did it take for Gideon and him men to capture Zebah and Zalmunna and defeat the Midianites and the children of the east? They began at midnight (7:19 - the beginning of the mid watch) and headed back before the sun was up - 8:13
Who helped Gideon find the leaders of the men from Succoth? A young man of Succoth - 8:14
How many princes and elders of Succoth did the young man describe? Threescore and seventeen (77) men - 8:14
What did Gideon do to the elders of Succoth? Took thorns of the wilderness and briers, and "taught" the men of Succoth - 8:15-16
What did Gideon do to the men of Penuel after they tore down the tower? They slew them - 8:17
Why did Gideon slay Zebah and Zalmunna? Because they had slain those that were children of the king and were Gideon's brethren - 8:18-19
Who did Gideon ask to slay Zebah and Zalmunna? His son Jether - 8:20
Why did Jether not slay Zebah and Zalmunna? He feared (hesitated) because he was yet a youth - 8:20
Who slew Zebah and Zalmunna? Gideon - 8:21
What possession of Zebah and Zalmunna did Gideon take? The ornaments that were on their camels' necks - 8:21
What did the men of Israel want Gideon to do after the Midianites were defeated? They wanted him to be their king - 8:22
Who did Gideon say should rule over the children of Israel? God - 8:23
What did Gideon ask for from the men of Israel? The earrings they had taken from the enemy (they had earrings because they were Ishmaelites) - 8:24
Did the men of Israel honor Gideon's request for the earrings? Yes - 8:25
How much did the earrings weigh that were given to Gideon? A thousands and seven hundred shekels of gold plus ornaments and collars and purple raiment that was on the kings of Midian as well as the chains that were about the camel's necks -8:26
What did Gideon make with the items given to him by the men of Israel after the battle? An ephod - 8:27
What did the ephod made by Gideon become? A snare unto Gideon and his house - 8:27
Why did the ephod made by Gideon become a snare to him and his house? Israel went hither a whoring after it (worshipped it as an idol) - 8:27
How long was Israel in "quietness" (peace) after the defeat of Midian? Forty years - 8:28
Where did Gideon (Jerubbaal) the son of Joash go after the battle? To his own house - 8:29
How many sons did Gideon have? Threescore and ten (70) for he had many wives - 8:30
Who was Abimelech? Gideon's son whose mother was Gideon's concubine - 8:31
Where was Gideon buried? In the sepulchre of his father, Joash in Ophrah of the Abiezrites - 8:32
What did the people of Israel do after Gideon's death? They went a whoring after Baalim and made Baal-berith their god - 8:33
Who did the people of Israel fail to show kindness to? The house of Gideon - 8:35
Created by: FredV
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