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Judges 4

Study of the book of Judges

What did the children of Israel do after the death of Ehud? They again did evil in the sight of the Lord - 4:1
Who was the king o Canaan that God "sold" the children of Israel to? Jabin - 4:2
In what city did Jabin reign from? Hazor - 4:2
Who was Sisera? The captain of Jabin's army - 4:2
Where did Sisera live? Harosheth - 4:2
How many chariots did Sisera have? Nine hundred chariots - 4:3
How long did Sisera oppress the children of Israel? Twenty years - 4:3
What woman judged Israel during the time of the Canaan oppression by Sisera? Deborah the wife of Lapidoth - 4:4
Where did Deborah dwell? Under the palm tree of Deborah between Ramah and Bethel in Mount Ephraim - 4:5
Who came to her for judgment? The children of Israel - 4:5
Who did Deborah say was to lead the children of Israel to war? Barak, The son of Abinoam - 4:6
Where was Barak from? Kedesh-naphtali - 4:6 Kedesh-naphtali - 4:6
From what two tribes was Barak to get men to fight? Naphtali and Zebulun - 4:6
Where were the men of Naphtali and Zebulun to meet Barak? Mt Tabor - 4:6
Where did Deborah say she would draw Sisera to? The river Kishon - 4:7
What condition did Barak give Deborah in order for him to go? She was to go with him - 4:8
What did Deborah say to Barak when he asked her to go with him? I will surely go with thee - 4:9
For whose honor was the battle to be fought? The Lord's honor - 4:9
How many men from Naphtali and Zebulun came to do battle with Sisera? Ten thousand men - 4:10
Who was Heber? A Kenite of the children of Hobab, the father-in-law of Moses - 4:11
Where did Heber live (pitched his tent)? In the plain of Zaanaim, which is by Kedesh - 4:11
What did Heber show Sisera? That Barak was gone up to Tabor - 4:12
Where did Sisera take his 900 chariots and men to battle? The river of Kishon - 4:13
What did Sisera do when he realized that the battle was being won by the Israelites? He fled on foot - 4:15
How many of Sisera's men were not killed in the battle? None - 4:16
Where did Sisera flee to? The tent of Jael, the wife of Heber - 4:17
Why did Sisera flee to the tent of Jael? Because there was peace between Heber, the husband of Jael, and Jabin - 4:17
What did Sisera ask Jael to do for him? Give him water for his thirst and hide him from the enemy - 4:18-20
What did Jael give Sisera to drink? Milk - 4:19
What did Jael do when Sisera fell asleep? She drove a nail from the tent into his head (temple) and slew him. - 4:21
Where did Barak find Sisera? Lying dead in the tent of Jael - 4:22
Created by: FredV
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