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japan vocab

alyssa cervantes S.S

Indicate to show that something exists or is likely to be true
Survive to live or make a living ; continue to live despite danger
Conflict disagreement or argument ; war
Principle belief or idea on which something is based
Accumulate to gradually get more of something
Decline gradual decrease in the quality or importance pf something
Rebel someone who opposes or fights an authority
Prohibit to forebid or make illegal
Proximity Japanese culture was influenced by it proximity, or closeness in space
Archipelago japan is an archipelago, or chain of islands, near the coast of Asia
Maiinland the mainland is the major land area of a continent
Kami under shinto, each clan wotkedshiped its own local kami, or gods and spirits
Prince Shotoku in 539, a young leader known as Prince shotoku
Regent a regent is someone who governs a country in the name of a ruler who is too young or otherwise unable to rule
Constitution in about A.D 604, the prince gave japan its first constitution, or plan of government
Minamoto yoritomo the winner of this final battle was Minamoto yoritomo
Shogun yoritomo wanted-and got-the title of shogun, or supreme military commander
Daimyo the job of protecting people became the responsibility of the daimyo, or local land-owning lords
feudalism this is a social system in which lords grant people land or other rewards in exchange for military service
Samurai he provided this protection through a small army of samurai, or highly trained warriors
Bushido these ideals formred the heart of a warrior code called bushido
Armada in November 1274, the khan sent an arnada, or large fleet of ships, to japan
Typhoon without warning, a typhoon, or violent tropical storm.came across the sea
Oda Nobinaga the first, oda nubunaga, worked all his life to bring japan ''under a single sword''
Toyotomi Hideyoshi the second great leader, toyotomi hideyoshi, unified japan in 1590
Tokugawa Ieyasu the third leader, tokugawa ieyasu united the country once more in 1600
Created by: alyssac5