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Chapter 25 WWI

AP WH vocab terms for WWI

Woodrow Wilson convinced Americans to enter WWI to end existing European imperialism by calling for self-determination and a League of Nations
Archduke Franz Ferdinand heir to the Austrian throne whose assassination by Serbian nationalists set off a series of military maneuverings that because of the complex alliance systems, drew most of Europe and their empires into WWI
Black Hand Serbian nationalist group that used bombings and assassinations to weaken Austrian control over the Balkans in hopes of carving out a Serbian empire
Soviet Union federation of Russia and 14 Eastern European & Central Asian provinces united by communist Bolsheviks under Lenin committed to spreading Marxist ideology globally
League of Nations international organization established after WWI to provide a forum to settle disputes among nations peacefully or by collective force; the US Senate refused to ratify on constitutional grounds of usurping Congress's power to declare war
Pan Arab-ism movement by Arab anti-imperialists to form a collective alliance against European influence in the Middle East in the face of Ottoman decline
Self-determination proposal by Woodrow Wilson to create a process by which colonies and territories of European empires would vote to determine their own path politically & economically
Lusitania British luxury ocean liner secretly carrying arms from the US to England in violation of neutrality claims; sinking by German U-boats outraged US citizens and gradually led to US entry in WWI
Treaty of Brest-Litovsk treaty with Germany signed by the newly established Bolshevik government following the Russian Revolution that ended their participation in the war, angering the US and its allies
propaganda biased, misleading, false information created by government agencies to promote a nationalistic/patriotic point of view as part of the Total War concept to mobilize support of the draft
Fourteen Points goals of Woodrow Wilson to settle WWI, including self-determination, ending of the Mandate System, and a League of Nations to avoid future wars caused by alliances
Treaty of Versailles document enforcing harsh sanctions on Germany: it was forced to accept blame for the war and pay England & France $billions in reparations, demobilize its military, and give up its colonies; sowed the seeds for the rise of the Nazi party
Decolonization the slow process of undoing European imperialism's territorial gains, sometimes voluntarily, but often by nationalistic uprisings, protests, and violent revolts
Mandate System system devised by England & France to gain control of the territories of the former Ottoman & German empires globally by claiming that annexation was not a goal; they would manage the territories until natives were "capable" of self-rule
Bolsheviks Marxist urban revolutionaries under Lenin & Trotsky, who seized control of the Russian empire following the abdication of Czar Nicholas II and instituted the first communist nation
The Lost Generation term used by expatriate American writers such as Ernest Hemingway & F. Scott Fitzgerald to symbolize the generation that served and died in WWI under false pretenses of fighting for 'freedom'
Balfour Declaration statement issued by the British government supporting Zionist goals for a Jewish homeland in Palestine; this angered Arabs who assisted in the defeat of the Ottomans and hoped to establish an Arab-controlled region
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