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Digestive System

Pathological Conditions

Achalasia Decreased mobility of the lower 2/3 of esophagus bad constriction of lower esophageal sphincter
Anal Fistula Abnormal passageway in the skin surface near anus, usually connecting with the rectum
Aphthous Stomatitis (Canker sore) small inflammatory, noninfectious, ulcerated lesion on lips tongue or inside cheeks or mouth
Appendicitis Inflammation of the vermiform appendix
Celiac Disease Nutrient malabsorption due to damaged small bowel mucosa(gluten sensitive disease)
Cirrhosis Disease of the liver that's chronic and degenerative, causing injury to hepatocytes
Colorectal Cancer Presence of a malignant neoplasm in the large intestine
Constipation Decrease in frequency of bowel movement and passage of hard dry stools
Crohn's Disease Digestive tract inflammation of a chronic nature causing fever cramping diarrhea weight loss and anorexia.
Dental Caries Tooth decay caused by acid forming microorganisms(tx through flossing and brushing teeth)
Diverticular Disease Characterizes diverticulosis and diverticulitis
Diverticulosis Non-inflamed outpouchings or herniations of the muscular layer of intestines(sigmoid colon)
Diverticulitis Inflammations of the outpouchings
Dysentery Painful intestinal inflammation ingesting water or food containing bacteria, Protozoa, parasites, or chemical irritants(frequent stools containing blood)
Esophageal Varices Swollen, twisted veins located in the distal end of the esophagus
Hemorrhoid Unnaturally distended or swollen vein in distal rectum or anus; internal or external
Hepatitis Acute or chronic inflammation of liver due to bacterial infection, drugs, alcohol, toxins, or parasites
Hernia Irregular protrusion of tissue, organ, or a portion of the organ through a break in the cavity muscular wall
Herpetic Stomatitis Inflammatory infectious lesions in or on the oral cavity occurring as primary or secondary viral infection caused by herpes simplex
Hirschsprung's disease(congenital mega colon) Absence of the autonomic ganglia
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