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Which organization has been responsible for the development of ICD 10 CM NCHS
the maximum number of characters in an ICD 10-CM code is 7
An establish patient is seen for management of diabetes and hypothyroidism and the physician spends equal time on each diagnosis. Identify the primary diagnosis all of the above
A combination code is a single code used to classify: all of the above
The correct reporting for acute cholecystitis with cholecystitis with obstruction K80.01
The correct reporting for acute IV chronic kidney disease associated with diabetes mellitus, type 2 11.22, N 18.4
The correct reporting for Stahylococcus pneumonia J 15.20
The correct reporting for hypertensive left heart failure I 11.0, I50.1
The correct reporting for chronic tonsillitis and hypertrophy of the tonsils J 35.01
Local anesthesia is defined in the CPT guidelines as all of the above
The global surgery period includes: all routine preoperative and postoperative care
Excision including simple closure of benign lesions of the skin includes this type of anesthisia local
When the words "separate procedure" appear after the descriptor of a code, you know which of the following about that code the procedure was a minor procedure that would only be reported if it was the only service provided.
A triangle before a code indicates that the code description is or has been revised
When an excision is being performed, the "margins" refer to the ----- required to adequately excise the lesion based on the physician's judgment narrowest margin
The removal of a lesion by transverse incision that did not require sutured closure is reported using codes from which subsecton Shaving of Epidermal or Dermal Lesion
Excision defined as full thickness would be through the derms
Single layered closure of heavily contaminated wounds that require extensive cleaning or removal of particulate matter constitutes what type of repair intermediate
using the "Rule of Nines", one adult leg is what percentage of the human body 18%
A physician performs an operative procedure that has a 90-day surgical package. On day 40, the same physician performs an unrelated procedure on the same patient. What modifier would you attach to the CPT code when reporting the second procedure -79
To properly code lesion excision, you must know the behavior and the narrowest margin about the lesion, in addition to the following site, number, diameter
When coding 3 biopsies of the skin, performed at the same visit, the reporting would be 11100, 11101 x 2
An excision of benign lesion from the neck measuring 1.8 cm 11422
Destruction of 7 actinic keratoses I7000, I7003 x 6
Excision of a pilonidal cyst that was a complicated procedure 11772
Removal of 37 skin tags by electrosurgical destruction 11200, 11201 x 3 units
Removal with reinsertion of an implantable contraceptive capsule 11976, 11981
How many levels of Surgical Pathology are there 6
What type of drug test measures the amount of a drug in the specimen quantitative
What is the name of the subsection within Pathology/Laboratory that deals with the laboratory work performed to determine cellular changes. Cytopathology
In the Pathology/Laboratory section of the CPT, drugs are listed by their ----names generic
A sample of tissue from a suspect area can be further divided into which of the following block, section
What name is given to cultures for identification of organisms, as well as the identification of sensitivities of the organism to antibiotics culture/sensitivity
Qualitative analysis is defined as analysis of a substance in order to ascertain the nature of chemical constituents
The_____________ panel consists of a CBC, hepatitis B, rubella, syphilis test, antibody screen, and blood typing ABO and RH obstetric
What word is used to describe the pushing of liquid into the body over a long period of time infusion
What must always be documented in the patient record and is the major billing factor for reporting codes in the Psychiatric susection time
Outpatient dialysis services are usually reported on this basis monthly
What is the name of the process that routes the blood including waste products outside the body through filters hemodialysis
What is name of the dialysis that involves using a body cavity as a filter peritoneal
What is being measured while the sleep testing is being conducted parameters
What does the abbreviation EMG stand for elecromyography
Level II national codes are not used in which setting inpatient
Which of the following would be used to code drugs J codes
When doing osteopathic manipulative treatment, which of these body regions is not included in the regions listed within the CPT manual caudal
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