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Skin Word ICD10 Path/Lab Medicine

Outermost layer of the skin Epidermis
What is the epithelium Tissue category that includes the epidermis and all of it's structures
Deepest layer of the epidermis Basal Layer
Medical term for black cell melanocyte
Which layer of the skin is the is the sebaceous gland found Dermis
What is sebum Oil glands
What area of the skin sends sensory information to the spinal cord Dermatome
What are allergens Foods, pollens, mold, animal dander, dust, chemicals, drugs
Why does white hair happen in older people Melanocytes die
What is the constant shedding of dead skin called Exfoliation
What are the large blisters that occur after a burn called Bullae
Give examples of nevi Congenital birth marks, port wine stain, and moles
Medica lterm for blackhead Comedo
What does decubitus mean Laying down
What is the thickest layer of skin Dermis
What does the procedure debridement involve Creates a clean surface for healing
Autograft meaning Graft from one's self
Allograft meaning Graft from another
Xenograft A graft from an animal (pig)
Regular scar Cicatrix
Abnormally large scar Keloid
Sweat glands are known as Sudoriferous Glands
What are adipose Fat cells/ lipocytes
Example of shapes in Word Line, arrow, box, callout, or banner
What does rotation mean A symbol that displays above the top sizing handle that allows you to rotate a graphic to any angle
What are drawing objects Graphic objects such as shapes, diagrams, and lines
Default font Calibri
Default size 11
Default paragraph alignment Align left
Wordwrap meaning Moves text from right to left without hitting the enter button
Header Displays at the top of the page
Footer Displays at the bottom of the page
What are text effects Shadowed mirrored text, text glow, 3D colors
How are bullets displayed Small circles, check marks, that line up and introduce each line of text
What is the keyboard shortcut for selecting entire document CTRL A
What is alignment Placement of paragraph relative to left and right margins
What is interactive media Computer interaction that responds to your actions by presenting text, graphics, AKA Rich Medica
Where are the spin boxes located when you want to change the spacing before or after a paragraph Paragraph group, page layout
Is font style considered part of a document or a paragraph layout Neither
What is the formatting mark that indicates a tab Arrow
Does Word default to a 2 if you start with a 1 Yes
What is a floating object with a graphic in Word Graphic that can be moved independently of teh surrounding text characters
Can you only use the font sizes in Word No
How many spaces should be after a sentance 1
What does ICD -10-CM stand for International Classification of Diseases, 10th revision, clinical modification
What are the three volumes of ICD-10 Volume I, Alphabetic, Volume II, Tabular, Volume III, Procedures (PCS)
What is NOS mean Not otherwise specified, (equivalent of unspecified)
What does NEC mean Not elsewhere classified (code not fully describing the disease)
Do ICD 10 codes need to be supported with documentation YES
What do ICD-10 codes translate of service provided Medical necessity
How often are ICD 10 codes updated Every OCT 1st
Define conventions relating to ICD 10 Additional codes for additional information I.E., symbols, abbreviations, punctuations, notations
What tabular is the table of drugs Volume I
What are the columns listed in the table of drugs and chemical section Therapeutic, accidental, suicide attempt, poisoning, assult, undetermined
What is the format of ICD 10 codes and how many characters Alphanumeric, up to 7
What letter is used as a placeholder X
Within the WHO, ICD-10 version, does it include a procedure classification No
What are GEM's files Converts ICD-9 to ICD-10 and visa versa
Do the improvements to the new ICD-10 system include the expansion of signs and symptoms No
How many more times are there ICD-10 codes compared to ICD-9 codes 5X more
The pre-release of the ICD-10 wa released when, and replaced with the revision when June 2003, July 2007
How many chapters are there in the ICD-10 coding system 21
What type of services are listed within the Evocation/Suppresion subsection of Path/Lab Tests
Define Culture/Sensitivity Culture is for the identification of organisms as well as the identification of sensitivities of the organisims to antibodies
How can a sample of tissue be further divided for studying purposes Block/Section
What names are drugs listed Generic
Define cytopathology Cellular changes are present
What section do you code from for venipuncture and arterial puncture Surgical Section
Define panels Pre determined tests commonly performed together
Define qualatative Is the presence or absence of a drug
Define quantitative Is the amount
How many levels of surgical pathology are there 6
Do post mortem codes (88000-88099) represent physician services only Yes
What services are provided with codes 80500 and 80502 Consultation, clinical pathology
Are there different codes to report H.Pylori depending on the source of the specimen Yes
If a surgical path specimen that is not listed, do you use the code that best describes it yes
For therapeutic drug assay (80150-80299, what type of test are performed, qualitative or quantitative Quantitative
What modifier is used for repeat laboratory tests performed on the same day -91
Are there specific path consultation codes for pathologists Yes, 80500-80502
Can you use modifier -52 with organ or disease oriented panel codes No
Would a service that is rarely provided, unusual, variable, or new would always require a special report in determining medical appropriateness of the service Yes
Are services in Path/Lab provided by a physician or by a technologist under responsible supervision of a physician Yes, both
An interaction psychiatric interview examination is typically furnished to whom Children
What do psychiatric diagnostic interview examinations include History, disposition and communication with family, mental status
What word is used to describe the pushing of liquids into the body Infusion
What must always be documented in the patient record and is the major billing factor for reporting codes from the psyhciatric subsection Time
What is tomography Viewing of a single plane of the body by blurring out everything around it
What is tonometry Pressure test occular
How are outpatient dialysis services usually reported Monthly
What is hemodialysis Filtering the blood and waste outside of the body
What is peritoneal dialysis Filtering in the peritoneal cavity
What does EMG stand for Electromyography
DTP Diphtheria, Tetanus, Pertussis
DTaP Diphtheria, Tetanus, and Acellular Pertussis
DT Diphtheria and tetanus under 7
Td Tetanus diphtheria over 7
Which organization has been responsible for the development of ICD-10-CM NCHS
The maximum number of characters in an ICD-10 code is 7
An established patient is seen for hyperthyroidism and diabetes, and the Dr spends equal time with both, which diagnosis goes forst Both are equal
A combination code is a single code that identifies what Two diagnosis, a diagnosis with an associated secondary process, and/or a diagnosis with an associated complication
Local anesthesia is defined in the CPT as what local infiltration, metacarpal/digital block, and or topical anesthesia
What does the global surgery period include All routine preoperative and post operative care
what type of anesthesia is used when excising a simple closure of a benign lesion of the skin Local
When the words "serparate procedure" appears after the descriptor of a code, what is true The procedure was a minor procedure that would only be reported if it was the only serviceprovided
What does a triangle mean in front of a code Revised
What does the margins mean in an excision of a basic lesion Narrowest margin
How is the removal of a lesion by transverse incision that did not require sutured closure reported using codes from what subsection Shaving of epidermal or dermal lesions
Excision defined as full thickness would be through what Dermis
Single-layered closure of heavily contaminated woulds that require extensive cleaning or removal of particular matter constitutes what type of repair Intermediate
Using the rule of nines, one adult leg is what percentage of the human body 18%
To properly code lesion excision, you must know the behavior and the narrowest margin about the lesion, in addition to the following Site, number, diameter
What type of drug measures the amount of drug in a specimen Quantitative
What panel in path/lab consists of a CBC, hepatits B, rubella, syphilis test, antibody screen, and blood typing ABO and RH Obstetric
Created by: Cyn4me
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